Dawn of Martyrdom

1. Under the Spell of the Dragon

We enter our magic cave
all dressed in black, for the feast
moonlight possesses us
we are immortal

pray, for the coming of winter
the dragon, the fire of the black spell
the dance, the ritual of the dark priests
pray, for the coming of winter

i saw in my dream a vision
four priests in black on a mountain
keeping their fire alive
they stood at the cliff, gazing the sky
and prayed to the mighty gods
the storm they evoked, the fire still burned
i looked at the cliff, the four priests were flying

we hold black candles through forests we ride
we walk on the clouds to our kingdom we go
our evil oath we hail
and we enter the spell of the dragon

there are shades that will not vanish
that are thoughts that cannot banish
we are powers of the unknown
and we enter the spell of the dragon

and our magic voice and verse
hath baptised it with a curse
and a spirit of the air
when the falling stars are shooting a dragon

shall my soul be upon thine
with the power and the sign
we are the black oath
and we enter the spell of the dragon

2. Demons of the Great Kingdom

Beware of the demons sent to war fuck the cunt of the Babylon"s whore!!
Upon the hills they stand and shade the temple of the sleeping ones
Unholy preaches and blasphemous cries, defeat the skies and burn the cross
Klifoth the flying misery, the snow that covered the hills of Thoc!
A breathless kingdom with apocryphal winds, a land of terror that enslaves the dark.
Klifoth the sons of the bleeding sea they hear,
They all have gathered
For the meeting in the great Malkuth
To pray to the Dark One!

3. Emerge... Through My Diabolic Possession

Stars hide your fire
into the veil of dark
so light doesn't see my black,
my black and deep lusts

i could hear the bells,
and I was confused
i heard those distant sounds
but I could never find the bells!!!!!

i summoned the night and fire
and i felt dark emotions
i summoned the night and fire
the fog showed me the oceans

one night....the frigid rain,
lead me back in time, in memories.
unholy dark angels appear
they are coming like legions in fog.
they drank all my blood, and screamed!
i was white as the snow...i am dying!

i summoned ghosts and wizards
to enter my freezing world
i summoned clouds and storms
to enter my freezing world

thirteen candles and thirteen capes
the sign, the sign of the Baphomet

4. Black Moon's Blood

Black Moon's Blood! (x6)

5. When the Macabre Dance Begins

6. Spirits from the Depths of Earth

At the mountains of old times
there is snow, there is fog, there is darkness
three men on horses
ridding with hate
they are wearing black armour
they hold shields swords and hammers
they ride through a river
the horses disappear in the water and earth
three ghosts of darkness
haunting the forests and valleys
the one took his crown of
deformed eyes in blood!
the ghosts stood in the cave
beside the fire
and the demons looked at the sky and prayed

guide us Satan
open our eyes
Satan! Satan!

we release our powers
we rule the cosmos
Satan! Satan!

we take the skies
we enter the gates
Satan! Satan!

we desecrate the pure
we taste the blood
Satan! Satan!

they return
with flying horses
they fly upon the battlefield
the horses are screaming
the warriors freeze and gaze to the sky

7. Memories of the Cold Ages

White wolf cries
no one dies, eternal life.
the black clouds
and the strong winds can not touch the fire,
the fire that's been burning for years,
years of hate and passion


eternal black sin
the years of disaster
pleasure of the mighty ones
that will never end.
it will breath eternally
in the hearts of the chosen ones
that will remain immortal
these millenniums are just the beginning!
the beginning of pain and darkness
that will never shine from the rays of the sun
wizards and witches
keepers of the damned.

tn the tears of the white wolf
the pain and the suffering of the old times
rivers of blood of those who have died
wounds remained open for years and years
the pleasure of the victory
is the glory of the battle!
the mountain that had been the battlefield
looked in silence and drank the blood.

8. Force of Desecration

I raped the race of the mortal god
i enslaved the whispers of joy
i burn the church of the helpless dog
i spill the blood of the holy ghost
i left the blind behind me
i followed the beautifull witch
i travelled through trees and mountains
i reached the gloomy skies

i am the force of desecration
i am the amorphis blazing maze
behind the stars behind the sun
the river with the flaming tears

i break the crystal of the weak ones
i step upon their gate
behind the stars behind the sun
apocryphal force of mysticism

9. King of the Forest

naked trees dancing in the wind
hailing the gods and the ancient king
through the fog and the silence
a sword searching for the weak eyes
the black veil shines under the blood red skies
the ancestral wood spirits disperse in the dark
as thousands souls by the merciless warrior
screams of hate when crushing the skulls
the black spell haunts the victims for generations and generations
and their blood painting the ground
the crown the black throne coerce the humanity to thralldom
and caerulean sky returns to the black
walking in the hillside when the forest
walking through the region
and the silver axe of the warrior gives the sighn "no mercy"
headhunter's heart is cold and dark
freezing winds of midwinter celebration
through the black clouds, the echoes of the weird wind i listen to
unholy majesty of blood and glory
the Dawn of Martyrdom!

10. Nostalgia...

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