Subliminal Antenora

1. Breathless Flesh Sculpture
2. Daemonolith
3. Netherwordly
4. Of Predators And Preys
5. The Mirrored Deathwish Paranoia
6. An Ode To The Bringer Of Chaos
7. Anno Sathani

1. Breathless Flesh Sculpture

One thousand different rooms full of pain
One thousand rooms full of different pain
There are no words to describe all the horror
Which these thick stonewalls have witnessed

Voyaging into the ravines in their empty eyes
You can observe all those Demons as they rise
Experiencing the perverse form of true art
All the poetry in dead flesh and suffocated love

Listen carefully to the dialogue between your skin and these rusty blades
Feel free to appreciate our ways to progress you
Worship the blackened lights in our forwarded hearts
As we turn your filthy body into a piece of art

The desecration of god's image is almost completed
As your desperation enriches this masterpiece
The symmetry of mutilation is worth marveling
All the artists wait for your pulse to seize

In the breathless flesh exhibition our loyality is comprised
Through the materialising of sickness our praises are combined
With the magnificience of this art we hail Thee, oh Satan!!!

Listen carefully to the dialogue between your skin and these rusty blades
Feel free to appreciate our ways to progress you
Worship the blackened lights in our forwarded hearts
As we turn your filthy body into a piece of art

2. Daemonolith

Each time I speak
An angel falls beheaded from the heavens
Each time my foot meets the soil
The celestial fruits wither to dust

I was the one to offer them my gifts
Obsessive pearls for the absent generations
When the old nations were hammered down
I stood there strangling them to their final sleep

Persistance has overcome
In order to achieve the clearest triumphancy
Seek not for the obvious nor the visible
And thus, thou might become a part of me

I am sure you must know me
For I am the taste in the veins of those who enjoyed the carnage

Halls beyond the blinded eyes
The wells right in front of their souls
Trapped in the current trails of simplicity
Abandoned inner stigmas, now purely manifest

The future is driven through my palms
Your deficiency was painted by my speech
The Master's empyrean yearns for no rest
I deliver the goblets of venom, two for each...

One for your scattered bones
And the other for your dreams
I am the one offering you my gifts
Obsessive pearls for the present generations

3. Netherwordly

In a spectrum of darker fantasies
I absorbed the myriad auras
With delusions harnessed in twisted solace
The planets stepped down in pure homage

For each of time I have cast the dice
Beneath perfectly euclidean constellations
My face is lined with sol's demise
And agonised through His transformations


Virtuous is every sin to me
I master the crafts of dying
In all of its sordid serenity
I find life worth defying
My contempt is for those in a dead human shell


Harboured I became in the shelter of His name
Forever fedwith the ceremonial gloom
The wawes of inferno are my sword, suffering is my shield
The might of Hell is my guide on this endless slaughterfield

The omnipotent colours of Armageddon are scathing indeed
And the displayed, severed head of the nazarene
A skull undressed of all skin, isn't it ravishing?

4. Of Predators And Preys

Disentangeled by abominations
Strenghtened in every aspect through confrontations
Hiding oneself from the sarcastic faces of this universe

A fallen disciple burdened with confusion
Conquered by an uncontrollable creed to scatter His delusion
Plundered down to the spectral gorges of the earth

Undisguised for the ignorant to see
The splendour in such a profane conspiracy

Imprisoned and lost in the untrodden maze
...of predators and preys

Cutting like a dagger hardened in His fire
Afflictions and violations are freed in this void
Possess an almighty eye to witness their choir
And hunt down fools that have always decoyed

Wingless and scattered, the slaves of submission
In them, ideal serpent of death, waiting
Lead by instincts like vermin on a carcass
oppressed by the context; blessing of oblivion
...Absence is present when the presence is absent

Anxiously awaiting His millennia
Slowly sowing the seeds of hysteria
Captured in the strangling embrace
...of predators and preys
...Presence is absent when the absence is present

Charged with misantrophy...
This is how we hunt!

5. The Mirrored Deathwish Paranoia

Hidden horrors strive from the inner mind
And all life is altered to sadness
Rapture is now the painted crime
Images are enriched with madness

I watched as it opened right before me
A vortex reflection of the mystery sea
Where pain and pleasure do collide
Where compassion shall never abide

Here no beast hides his face behind a mask
Here no hollow words are spoken
There breathes no forgiveness
No chains grow to be broken

This would no mortal creation ever bear
For the forlorn sins I hereby share
I am a part of this dark and demonic feast
The walls are laughing in the Temple Of The Beast

Give me wings and give me horns
Infest my heart with Thy morbid thorns
Blind my sight with the infernal flame
And I shall slaughter to honour Thy name

6. An Ode To The Bringer Of Chaos

The night is our dawn - bestow us Thy spell
Allow us to comprehend the august wisdom of Hell
With insanity Thou have besmeared my mind
Come forth, Thou art the father of our kind

The agitator behind the walls of flames
Behold these instruments of vengeance
Curse forever this light-raped dimension
Embrace it to death with Thy tyrannic ascension

Crushing the skull of christ out of pure delight
Grievance is the reward of this world forlorn
The hellburn inside, guiding me to the pit and beyond
Thy grasp squeezes my soul and never lets me go

With a perverted smile upon our lips we observed
The enemy bemoaned in the nectar of a dying world...

Satan, Thou art to spill the wine of suicide
Master, Thou art the razor upon their throats

As marionettes of death in the arms of Mammon
Or like flesh torn by the unhallowed dragon
Malignant visions unfold, Thy age has begun
Darkness is ours for Thy flame became our sun

7. Anno Sathani

The sons of adam, the daughters of eve
All have bent down to the dust onto their knees
Anticipating the final asbsolution
The sweet, liberating execution

The flames have swallowed all hallowed
And the white gowns of the saints are now blood coloured
Pathetic whores of jehovah are oppressed
The lambs are slaughtered and christ bleeds of insest


Behold! Your cross is burning
It will no longer bare your weight
In the name of the mighty persecutor
This is the sunset of christian faith

I laugh at the very annihilation of your kind
All fools going down with their "master mind"
We are bound by hellfire's seduction
As we pledge in the name of Desruction



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