Ancst / King Apathy

1. Ancst - Gehenna of Fire

Scratching with numb fingers along these walls, our throats are still full of ashes.
Hot tar rains down from thy heavens and us the heathens, fell destined to bathe in its reek of guilt.
Is this our messiah in this age of modern slavery?
We want to reap your rotten promises and walk this Gehenna of fires, intonating anachronistic desires.
I've created disbelief and the realms of this chaos will be released.
I am cancer, I am cure, the demigod of decay. This is my battleground where grief is no effort, just emotion. I have lost all love, longing for your trust.
Where are your leaders? Where are you? This is my final chapter and I've set myself free.
This is my cleansing. This is my relief.

2. Ancst - King Apathy (Thränenkind cover)

We crowned apathy king, the ruler of a dying world, in which ignorance gives us comfort.
Not knowing is blessing. This is your culture? Where's your compassion?
If this is your future I want to see it crashing down on you.
Abysmal consumption, windowless factories, tortured creatures - just products, daily horror show.
Exploitation on every level, I am a hypocrite, you're a murderer.
The time has come to dismantle the throne room, shatter the golden crown, dethrone King Apathy.

3. King Apathy - Disguise

You love the norm. Speaking about disorders, violence disguised as treatment.
A desk job on the way to the abattoir, children are gendered - an artificial construct
Burn like you burned their dreams when you told them what is wrong and what is right.

4. King Apathy - Entropie (Ancst cover)

I sought light in darkness while I found death in life
We are free to choose our destinations but destined to follow the given paths.
Civilized freedom is just one more fucking compromise that keeps us separated in your binary coded system.
You choke, I breathe. You cry, I release. Is this a cure? Are we fortuned?
Our common relief. Another wasted moment within this sea of shit.
Still haunted by yesterday's dreams we all seem to hate so passionate. Still threatened by the urge of change.
Another tyrant that claims the throne. Still nothing changes.

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