For Battles Once Fought

1. Sword's Hymn

Under shine of lighting
though a shades of clouds
master of the steppe
heads for the west...

...Only a smoke having left behind
hordes rush for heroic glory
the wind over the exhausted ground
brings gods mortal stories

2. Kurgan

...They returned having defeated the world
throught the grief and through endless bloody lights
each warrior raised the stone that he once dropped
but the Kurgan remained high up onto the sky

Khan-Triumphator, conqueror of the universe
bends his knees by the barrow
by the cold boulders he speaks loud
calling out all the names of their heroes...

3. The Siege

There where the sun is rising
from the faraway vast widths
malicious hordes have come on the
calm and free lands of the east...

...without having gained an easy conquest
the hordes finally decide
that after the long siege
it will be possible to capture the city
but the squad is fighting unequal battle
fighting for fatherland!

4. 1380: The Confrontation

The battlefield will be filled with blood
the death will laugh
the world will shudder...

...The red sun in the sky
will ascend over ashes of war
destroy a century's tyranny
purify the destiny's curse
echoes of great bloody fights
will shatter the Earth...

5. The Last Breath Of Fire


6. Im Feld

Es sei gerecht, so fragt uns nicht
und blickt nur geradeaus....

Wir allein zahl'n den Preis
wir allein, nicht ihr
wir allein klagen an
und Richter, die seid ihr

7. Wolf's Hunt

...Step by step, run is faster, pulse is thicken
heart is ready to blow up from a pain
muscles are tensed
magnetized by languor taste of fresh blood
jump and canines are ripping a neck...

...follow us to the kingdom of snow
the last bliss in your life
of bearing wolf race behind...

8. Death Of Archaic World

...The child who's been expected for so long
was born inside the human mind

It's the Messiah and gravedigger...
...the music of black raven wings
will be it's last song...

Helge Stang ‒ Vocals
Felius ‒ Guitars, Keyboards
Roman "R.K." ‒ Bass
Nasha Nokturna ‒ Violin
Leshii ‒ Drums

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