1. Abrakt

We gazed at the sun
one last time
As ashes fell down to earth
Could we see all the signs
Or did we just close our eyes

We watched the stars
just one last time
As our bodies fell
to the ground
Could we have done more
Or were we committed
Limited by greed

Well, now it's too late for our sons and daughters
Can we look upon ourselves with pride
Now it's too late for the earth to recover
Our guilt we can no longer hide

2. Sight Of Relief


3. Invisible Motions

A black nothingness
spreads out before me
Even though the pale moon shine
Impressed by the structure
of invisible motions
Nature's own design

A black emptiness surrounds me
Even though the crimson sky shimmer
The knowledge of the void ahead
The anger, the pain, the wrath

A black loneliness has filled me
Even though my hear is seized
By the remnants of a lost life
With the blackness I am pleased

The anxiousness, the anguish
Knowing this is an illusion
The fear I feel, the anger
That this is it, this is the end

4. Outside Your World

I can feel your presence
As real as anything else
I've been longing for you
Ever since you faded away

It's that knowledge of you
That makes me continue
Otherwise my soul
Would just fade away

I'm almost outside your world
Beholding what's been gone for so long

5. Parisal


6. Autumnal

Absent presence
Embraced by silence
Altering tints
Bringing belief

Alarming coil
Wakes wintering will
Wistful thoughts
Autumnal within

Closing season
Adorned with reflection
Tempting solitude
Attempted escape

7. Out Of The Gray Ashes

When all the fires
and storms have faded
Out of the gray ashes
a seed will grow

When all the
earthquakes have stopped
and the la st bomb
has been dropped
When the last man fall dead
to the ground

Out of the gray ashes
a seed will grow
Out of the gray ashes
a seed will grow

8. Lost In Time

One Look from you
I turn my back against the past
Your hand on my cheek
the presence of your soul I feel
A caress from you
I see the future so bright and clear
A word of love in my ear
I am lost in Time

As the wind strokes my hair
A shiver in my skin
I see your face in front of me
Forever you are my beloved

A smile on your lips
I feel a tear in my eye
Your hand seek mine
I feel your warm embrace
Your arms around me
I close my eyes and hear your heart
A word of faith in my ear
I am lost in your soul

9. In Remembrance


10. Circumspection

As we walk upon the shallow ground
We face the mistakes we all have made
Tears of remorse
Silence... Anxious...
As we say goodbye, we fade away...

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