1. Retroglazed

Re-connect to an earlier time
The place of understanding
Seeing, knowing
Everything has changed

The memory keeps it open
Tick-tocking like a time bomb
The memory keeps it clear

Somehow the pace is higher
Got to adjust my timing skills
Somehow the taste so sweet
Swallow the pill and make it there


Leaving sticky marks on the floor
Leaving fingerprints on the door

Using mirrors, to see around corners
Play the game, hide away
Using cameras to re-connect

The memory keeps on spinning
If I return I will stay there
The schedule keeps me on time

Keep me running
Keep me awake
Keep me running
Keep me awake

The fading image is now

2. No Coil For Tesla

Opting for research
Opting for truth
Seeing, believing
The digger, the dirt
Why one leads to another
i need to know
I'm being swallowed by evolution
I'm connected
Finding reasons or being alone
Need to go to a less disturbing place
I know I'm on to something
Receiving massive readings
The deadline is waiting

Shutting me down
That's not an option
Protecting my work
Protecting my brand
Wiping me out
That's out of the question
Again I will hide
It's a game on a much larger scale
I will stand in the end

I give as good as I get
I fiw my world
Expecting instant access
To all my cravings
I zap, I get always
This technological wonder
I'm in

3. Traces

Did you ever reconsider your life
Did you ever try to turn your motion twist
Did you ever believe in yourself
Do you still need the proof

Been choosing to walk under ladders
For much too long, much too long
Been trying to get back
To where the connection starts

White solitary statues
Looking at me
Standing sideways
White solitary statues
Wearing nothing but time

If you can relate to this
We can be on top of it once again
The climber needs something
To be getting over

Going into overdrive
Readjust to the level I am on

just as I turned away
you came and changed it all
Because your eyes kept seeing

Traces, traces of phases
Leaving traces
Leaving traces on faces

Did you ever reconsider your life
Your position changing
Following your flow
Are you willing to climb once again
Do you stay on the ground
Could you ever hear that knock on your door
Banging louder, louder
time is catching up with you once again
And you know you're in charge

Just as I turned away
You came and changed it all
Because your eyes kept seeing

Waiting for the moment to arrive
Waiting for the moment
Wait for it

4. Headrush Helmet

I got my headrush helmet on
I'm in a state of euphoria
I watch my display
I feel safe
I see pixels, that's all
I'm in a state of the art box above you
Nothing can harm me

Steady formation
Stay on target
We dive out of the sun
Steady formation
Follow the leader
Release your cargo now

There's nothing human in here
Just technology in air
Me – The bomb bomb dropper
Can't see no targets ahead
Know there's a city below
Me – The bomb bomb dropper

God damn I am in my wicked machine
And I like it
The bomb bomb dropper
Wish I could stay up here for a while
I'm controlling
The bomb bomb dropper

I flick the switches
I press the button
i know my timing is right
Release your cargo now
I receive my orders
From the ones with the binoculars
They can see it all

5. Filthmonger

Show me the warning
Show me everything I need to know
Show me the warning
I haven't tried this before

Gotta get away
Gotta get away
Oh, I'm tripping
Just one more time
And I know it's for real

This is my vengeance
And I know this time I will win
Don't you try and disappoint
The maker and the creator

Show me the warning

6. Orgone

Seeing how the lines keep crossing
And how we meet again
Observing how the coincidence is moving
The space I'm in
The room we're sharing
So much smaller now
Funny how the perspective is exceeding

Such a strange construction
Very badly drawn
He was a new engineer
He wasn't from here
Couldn't see it
The vantage point is rising
I can see it now
Got to go change my perspective
There's towers disturbing
My excellent view

Gotta go change all the angles now
Gotta go change my perspective now
Changing my perspective
Gotta go change all the angles now
Gotta go change my perspective now
Changing my point of view

Cutting to the bone and through it
Broken now is healing
Allowing myself to open
What was meant for me

Leaving what is safe
Leaving the garden
Such a strange sensation
This urge I've got for motion
Got to go looking around
I'm leaving what is safe
I leave the garden

Creating a map
Put yourself in the middle
Changing my perspective
Constructing a world
To fit with your plan
Changing my point of view
Pay close attention to every detail
Changing my perspective
There are images bigger than this
Changing my point of view

7. Tight Tie

Wearing my tight tie
My new white shirt
The official image
Is ready to start the day

Flawless on the outside

Deciding what role I'm playing
Got my lifestyle habit
I will not change

Polished I am...

Who do you want me to be?

Visions of grandeur
Big– big fantasy
Fixing what's dull in the reality
Change around
So I can soothe them all

You have no idea what's going on
And how I hide my tracks
I will deny every wrongdoing

This might be the cover story
This might be the big breakthrough
I'm in the news – I'm in the news

Marking off my territory
Putting up my fences
I can still see you...

8. Binocular

Oh, it's that feeling again
Can't deny it
I have been without it for so long
Oh, it's a crazy idea, and I like it
You gave directions all the way

You came, you conquered
Took me for a spin
And i liked it
I was good, it was good
The questions are deleted
Found the essence
Want to keep it
And I should, and I should

See, did you see them colors
They were brighter
So much happened in such short time
We went along with the madness again
Oh, been down, been down

Get up and take control
It is good
Will not let you tempt me
Though I should

Seems like I'm searching again
There's nothing more to find
Seems like I'm leaving again
So long, leave it all behind

Don't know what's left of me
'Cause I gave it all to you
So thankful for what you took away

Been down down been around
Been a digger

9. Castle Of Clowns

Guess who just got paid today
I've freed my back, got things to say
Step aside, I'm on a mission
To a higher level

Hurry boy, there's things to see
It's waiting here, it's waiting there
Can't recognize any other shape
But my own

Cleaner now than ever before
Steady lines aiming at the point
Reaching for the black coal
Waiting for the diamond

I've seen the better side
Always southbound-heading there
Wings are resistant, velocity high
Aiming for the next point
Yet I haven't seen it

Oopsey deysey
It's flibbertigibbet on line
I can see you, I can see you
You should not be climbing here

Beware of the dog
This is my construction site
Fences around, keeping you out
I'm inspecting the work
I'm inspecting the progress

Seeing the work of the architect
Improvising yet another floor
Throw away the blueprints
Throw away the tools
I don't need your labor no more

Piling up bricks
Make me one more ladder
I'm going up

Building the houses
Leaving the walls
Rising forever
It will not fall
It will not fall

C'mon you gotta show me how

10. Transportal

Can I trouble you for a ride
I've lost my track
And need to get moving on
If I can just go with you for a while
I'll get the distance that I need
To see clearly

My plan backfired
Didn't see the signs
Way too high
I hear the ticking of a clock
Distance growing
And I flee
This time I'm ready for it

Clearing my path
Not going back
Getting a grip on it
This time
Moving towards
Wherever you may take me
There's no obstacles no more
I'm changing my scenery

I guess I'm ready for it

Ever tried, ever failed
Never mind, try again
And fail better
Starting a new
Starting again
What is left, what is found

Recognize it, supervise me
Recognize it, so surprise me

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