1. Intro


2. Stepped In Misery As I Am

Deserts of vast eternity
from which I cannot escape
Oh, woe be upon me
The pain of solitude

Choirs of damnation
Chanting in my dreams
'Life shall be no more
Life - thou shalt diea

Not shall the knife
Sleep in my hand
I lament and bewail
As my soul withers

Alone I wander
This be the fate I choose
An inner, desolate void
I shall fear no more

3. Wave

Waves wander the sea
Millenium mirrors reflect
Disappearing without a trace

When time was restrained to descent
The ocean disappeared
and vast deserts
They were revealed
We sank into the desert
The Dreamking and I..........

I Died.... I Died....

And we became one
I left my mortal coil
there in the desert
As we sank desert

We were reborn.....
We wander the sea
All but one
All but one
All but one

4. The Ocean

Enslaved by the sea
You can't resist
By darkness
At powers devours
Your mind
Dark forces
Avenging the past

On a banished raft
Body so shrinked
This pungent stench
So abhoring
The ocean

Out of the dark
The flashing eyes
Filled with disdaim
The ocean feels
So profane
The oceand eradicates

5. A Minds Escape


A minds escape
Rejection of reality
A minds escape

6. Flower Meadow

Lying here in this flower meadow
Feeling free
Hovering on a cloud
Worries vanished

Looking down on
These people
Do they deserve
This grief

All those people
Gathered arround me
Looking down on me
With dismaling faces

Why expose them to this hurt
This is not the solution -
wake me........

Longing immensely for something
My life seeems unfullfilled
Secrets I camt reveal
Thoughts tears and sears in me
Makes me hate immensely
Renders into insecure soul

One day this enormous grief
Drifts away
One day this scorching grief
Drifts away
One day this dreadful grief
Drifts away

Wake me........

7. The Air Shed Tears

Clouds of grief sweeps across the horizon
Drowning in crimson glory
Decayed remembrance of an ancient era
The fog of the ocean will always encounter itself

The air shed tears, from eternityis mighty well
An the distance, a mournful cry
Passed on by a guest of wind
A soul of solitude
Forsaken, forgotten
Crossing the bridge

A soul of solitude
Forsaken, forgotten
Crossing the bridge

8. Hinc Allae La Crimae

These tears of sadness
Falling with the grace of autumn leaves

I have walked the path
Carried my mournful wounds

A burden I am (to you)
That is why I spilled my tears

These tears of sadness
Symbolise the absence of thoughts
(What have I done to deserve this)
That is why I cry
As the silence withers
These mournful tears of sadness
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