The Final Wish

1. The Final Wish

If I must dance in doom and gloom in the hanging tree
As I await at the gates of hades
My saviour to come with the key
(As twilight fades at the gates of hades my saviour will come with the key)
To unleash my unspent fury,
To set my demons free and to grant me just one finalwish before I cease to be...
Then I to the skies shall lift mine eyes with this unspoken plea:
"I wish, I wish, with all my heart that I shall hang with thee."

2. As Ivy Groweth Green

As Ivy Groweth Green
Traitors came amongst us one season,
Faithless traitors without rhyme, without reason
Yet, as ivy groweth green and never changes,
Even evil cannot turn us into strangers
Wars, thus won, are lost to fate
Hand in glove with love was hate
To return to the source of the course of kings
Lords of light must find their wings somehow
Warlords tread on sacred ground,
Spread their creed of dread around
To reverse this curse comes the king of kings,
Lords of light must try their wings now...

3. Desolate


4. Flesh

Take these hooks from my flesh,
Cast across the ring of fate
By the fire in thine eyes.
This Temple is reduced to ash.

This Corss this thing of hate,
Desire never dies.
Buried deep beneath a shroud of sleep,
Desire never dies.

Lord have mercy.
Thake these tears and wipe the slate.
Fear not heresy!
Draw the line across this circle of my fate.

Take these hooks from my flesh,
The flesh of a sentient being.
This temple is reduced to ash,
by looking back and seeing thee in chains.

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