...From the Pagan Vastlands

From Notherlnads To Lindistarne

They came from the cold north
carried on the wings of waves
No one knows the cult
bloody acts was only a legend...
Eternal hate nd horned sodomy
came to the lands of virginīs goodness

Monless nigth showed me their return
I saw drakkars between silence, in the dream
when the witches called the spirits from forest
from the hornedlands to Lindisfarne...

Lords of the fiord, turned daylight
into december frost, fathers of ice
proclaimed the new century, marked the paths
wich I follow now, enter the forest
like you open yor veins
in the nigth of the pagan union

Moonless night...

Witches among the night, lead me to horned moon
I entered my evil soul to fortify my frosty hate
Freezing breath of the blackheart fills the interior
Pagan winds rise me over the evil palacer

Massacre will be the beggining of iron holocaust
Evil enters the skies for te return of sodomy
Black snow covers the horde of christ
Winterwinds destroy jehovaīs palace

Ancient spirits proclaimed the return
Coldnights await like hungry wolves
The powers join among the mountains
The oaks sing funeral songs of frost
I drink the blood for all pagan souls

Music and lyrics by Nergal

Summoning (of the ancient ones)

Mystic voices lead me to suicide
I will unite my flesh whit him tonight
Blasphemous son in my veins
into the magic circle

Lord of dark winds
Obscure my soul
Burn my eyes
Make me see illusions

Burning in black flames forever
The child of my morbid perversion
is screaming glory of darkness
Sing the occultic psalm

Lord of dark winds...

Whit the book of eternal oath
I created the face of the goat
Unholy psalm to lead the souls
Blood means the pact with my lord

Cold winds of doom prevail
7 horns sing the prophecy
Glory to the darkest depth
revelate my eternal prayer

Lord of the dark winds...

Music by Nergal
Lyrics by Baal
Lyrics in plain text format

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