By The Blessing Of Satan

1. By The Blessing Of Satan

[lyrics not available]

2. Fist Of The Satanist

The fist forged of black metal
by the hammer imperegnated with hate
In the smithy spitting the black flames
In darkness the glory of Satan in our minds

With the iron fists and the will to use
them we are wandering in the storm of violence
With the hateful hits desecrating your flesh
With the claws black as those of
a crow tearing the human faces apart

Fist of the Satanist
-crushes joy and light
Fist of the Satanist
-crushes the weak and degenerated
Fist of the Satanist
-crushes the good and clean
Fist of the Satanist
-crushes the heaven

The blood of my enemy on the ground
is reminding what happened to those
who arose against our darkness
The wrath of Satan in these hands
we strike with hate and kill with hate
The violent mutilation of the christian face

The filth you learned from the book of
lies will lead you in your destiny at the
end of the road where we'll be waiting
for you and there will we execute our
twisted dreams!

3. Sieluni Saatanan Vihasta Roihuten

[no lyrics available]

4. Celebration Of Christ's Fall

And again is the easter night
celebration of victory and absence
year by year my heart delights
the death of semitic Christ

Gather the congregation of darkness
witches and worshippers of grand evil
in the cradle of gloominess
we rise the overflowing chalice

In this night we embrace
the ways of the flesh
and the wisdom of the serpent!

Celebration of Christ's Fall!

Rise! Rise up from the depths
the beings of the night
to celebrate with us
All evil spirits rise!
Rise from this magic ring
to honour the true God
God of all sorcerers, SATAN!!!

5. Black Metal Baptism

I chose the blackest robe
Shadow, darkness before the light
I threw away the false life
artificial and worthless
I kept only the deep mysteries of Satan

Black metal baptism opened the gates
to darkness and gave me the powers
of sorcerers
The sign of black pentagram
burned deep in my heart...

Satan! come forth...
in this black metal night
Master! bless this art...
dedicated only for you

The new cult has risen
from the ruins of the failed
The true black metal spirit
has never died...

6. Watchers Of My Black Temple

It was a night
The night when it happened
I woke up frightened
I could feel your presence as agonizing fear
I could feel how you were dancing around me...

I couldn't see you, only feel
I was freezing and feeling immense apprehension
You created voices that
I still can hear when I'm asleep
Yet something interrupted everything
and you were gone

Who you were I hadn't any comprehension
You were in my mind all the time
As twilight again started to sneak
I wondered would you return

Yes, you came back over and over again
You have never done anything evil to me
You appear only by nights
and disappear into those depths from
where you came

Fear is no more between us
You have become the essential creatures
of the night for me
To me you are certain kinds of watchers who
I've had for my own as I stepped on the dark path

Fear and torment you can cause only
for those who don't know the darkness
Now as you have settled in to my
temple you won't ever leave me
You are the watchers of my black temple

7. Under The Eye Of Lord

Cursed I am with the wrath of lord Satan
Blessed I am with the unholy power
O' Father of Hell...
grant me immortality and let me be one
proud spirit in your legion
I am wandering in the path of darkside...
under the eye of lord Lucifer!

The gates are opening to me
Now I can understand the hidden secrets
All is so clear to me...

Satan! grant us the emotions
to explore our way along the darkened path
We dedicated our souls to you
and work for your kingdom

In nomine dei nostri Satanas
Luciferi exelsi!

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