From the Devil's Chalice

1. Canto I - Invocation Of Zabulus

Black candles ignite.
Sweet odouring incense is thickening the oppressive air.
The call of the serving spirit.
The silent prayer begins.

Servants of the secret temple.
The order of the fivepointed star.
Under the black sky.
In the light of the moon in the Scorpio and thousands of serpent-eyes.
Invocation of the Master Lucifer.
Bringer of black light and the angel of the dead star.

Hear our call! Hear our worship! Deus Zabulus Dominus!
Arise O Lucifer, from the depths of the abyss, from caches of darkness, from occupying shadows.
You are our Lord and Father.
We honour and worship You!

2. Canto II - Melancholic Remembrances Of Dark Times

Life will not return in this place.
The winds of melancholy have blown memories away.
Only dust moves in these shades. Where proud men once walked.
Despite this the cult is living. In vigour and more evil than ever.
Some have tried not to forget them.
But fearing their return inside.

Melancholic remembrances of dark times.
Let the new and darker aeon begin.
New incantations are whirling in nightwind.
In the name of their real Lord.

3. Canto III - From The Devil's Chalice

Hands covered in black veil are preparing the dark altar sanctified silverware on black velvet.
Ancient litanies, those once lost are whispered in the shadows.
Read in silence...

From the Devil's chalice I drink the poisoned blood.
From the Devil's chalice I fulfill and become one with him.
Your sign... Burned in my soul!
Your blood... Running in my veins!

4. Canto IV - Void

No more are the walls of flesh holding back your black aureoles.
Exhailing from pain and hatred.
Cold and impure words.

Wine of the Devil stains the skin.
But pain won't impregnate your thirst.
As a castle of demonic possession.

As black and ghastly.
As cold but not dead, feeling nothing inside.
Only emptiness only the cold void.
4 Void has conquered and devoured everything.
In the deserted and gloomy halls of my soul, echoes only your word. I am Belial!

As black and ghastly. As cold but not dead, feeling nothing inside.
Only emptiness only the cold void.

5. Canto V - Holy Foul

My hand is clenched in fist.
Not of bitterness but of hate.
The dreadful smell of the holy stench.
You foul are looking at me in my eyes.
What can you see from my fiery eyes?
Look deeper, your are watching Him in his eyes.
You won't see life nor light.
You'll see only black emptiness.

Dead inside, possibly but there is fire in my heart.
Your empty words can not put it out but your tears will only make the flames increase.
Turn and walk awaw you holy foul.
My life's been sealed for the Devil.
I have thrown away the pathetic presence that your God offered.

Eternal life in the abyss belongs to me.
In the endless depths of the cosmos.
Side by side with Satan's throne forever.

6. Canto VI - Canticle (For Ye Lord)

Hear, the song is praising our Lord.
Him who arrived with death,
Him who hurls nation of doom.
Him who betrayed your God.

He is Satan, and he is the one!
Glory be for ye Lord!
Glory be to Satan!

Behold, the lord is mighty.
We are fulfilling of his strength.
Angels tremble before Him.
And the semitic heart frozens.
I am not a lamb but a servant.
Under His sleepless eye.
A fist of hate, a seed of evil.
A parson of shadow and damnation.

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