The Poisonous Path

1. The Poisonous Path

The witch vessel breathe the poison
The living keys from the garden of night
It rise like a pall from the dragons mouth
Feeding the voidful flesh of the seeker

The green eden can be found
From the crimson deserts of Azazel
I follow the voice of my witchblood
And enter into it's gardens

Walls of green shadow descent around
The world of mortals faded away
Night speaks with many names
With the voices of the forbidden deities

Wand like a crooked path
A crawling venomous serpent
Sacred branch, the limb of death
Serving as the conduit of my intent

The spirit of this old rod
The hooded black snake

Connected to fiery blood and spirit
Will opens the veil beyond the human psyche
The keys from the green kingdom
Gate openers from the loins of nature
Treasures and gifts from those
Who is the blood-line of ours

This is the poison path
When the garden of Samael unites with mind
Veiled by the cloak of night
We step forth into the day

2. Wand Of Shadows

I raised the wand of shadows
Towards the eastern gates
And called for the night wind to rise
And penetrate the ego's walls

The winds of Belzebuth
The tempest of Satanic truth
Empower this tool of shades
To the nightside of my mind

Wield it as your living limb
As a black poison fang
Which tears open the mask
Unveiling the forms in darkness

Filled with devouring storm
It slits my fiery eyes open wide
And binds the sight of the spiritless clay

It seals my ears from the lies
So I can reach out for your voice in silence
In the stroke of the raven wings

The dreadful storm of emptiness
The king of void and Death
Whose name bears the power
To destroy the kingdom of God!

3. Cave Of The Dark Dreams

The cave opens it's black mouth
And invites me with an unknown chant
A song of oblivion, from what I've have been
At a time before the emergence of rotten flesh

Black crystals upon the walls
Shining like the eyes of wolves
Reflecting the past and the future
Memories of terror and a passion

Lived lives and leaking wounds
The cave hides me inside
To pulling deeper into it's shadows
Towards the red temple where we met

Naked from illusion of profane
We encounter in front of your throne
Freely runs the rivers of tears
To rins out the humane weakness

Your essence of a black wolf
Becomes a part of the inner self
And grief turns into power

Now with the iris of howling beast
I drink from the grail of SamaeLilith
Which will set me free
In the cave of the dark dreams

4. Sword Of Promethean Fire

I face the southern throne of Lucifer
And invoke the all-consuming blaze
Black Promethean fire
Destroyer of sephirotic illusions

Falling star of forbidden knowledge
Illuminating furnace of Kliphotic depths
Touch this steel with your flaming tongue
Forge an iron bridge to your realm

Lucifer's scalding blade brightens
And slits a passage through every thing
Cutting open the reeking lairs of lies
Bringing forth nothing but the truth

This dagger of Satanic darkness
Shall sever the manacles of imprisonment
And cut the chains of life
The impulse of Godly light

Hail the king of the black illuminating fire!

Rise, rise, rise!

Fiery sword of my Satanic will
Transcending all dualities
Liberator and destroyer
A piece of your essence on the table of art
My lord and black light, Lucifer!

5. Umbra Luciferi

As the black sun of depths illuminates the nightside
And as the dragon has risen upon it's face
And the sea at her feet has turned red with poison
Dripping from her wounds

I hold the rosary black as her ravens
And drink from those crimson waves
The great mother's wine of liberation
The consummation of flaming witch's blood
I sing and I raise the cup of heresy
The womb of Luciferian revolution
In the shadow which is the opposite of life
The holy light of the other side

Spiritual path, stony and throny
Towards the mother of dark sorcery
Bloody footsteps behind me
Speak of it's lifeless story

The fires upon the throne of Thaumiel
Create the feminine shadow of Lucifer
Mirror to the black sun's light
Salve my awakened spirit


Umbra Luciferi

6. Luminous Darkness

Your temple was formed in silence
In a time that man does not know
Slowly rooted in the depths of
The spiritual rocks of this black soil
Slowly desolating
The world of limitations
Eating the poisoning the alliance
Between the man and the creator
Rise. Tyrant of the luminous darkness!

With all the shadows you are held back with
Release the 11 rivers of poison
Upon the world of white illusions
I praise thee the Dragon of outer darkness
The merciless one, ruler of the black Gods
Strike your sword at the heart of the earth
Cutting open the dimensions to you

Hail Satan-Molok!
Apocalyptic monument of change
Reveal unto us your altar upon which
The world with stars shall be sacrificed

7. Chalice Of Abyssal Water

Through the gates of west, the rising tide billows
The primal sea of raging Chaos
Raising the element of dark water
Beast of the great ocean of night
Tear down the veil between you and me
And reveal your throne, O Leviathan!

From beyond all worlds
And from beyond all times
Come with your wrathful aspects
Let go of from your own tale
And let the circle be broken
And bless this raised grail, full of your elixir

May your gnosis touch this vibrant grail
Toast of liberation, the womb of night
Raised in your pitch black darkness
Dragon of racing sea of death
Set this magical weapon afire
With your sinister light
And bestow your powers on it
Great dragon of western gates, Leviathan

From beyond all worlds
And from beyond all times
Come with your wrathful aspects
Let go of from your own tale
And let the circle be broken
And bless this raised grail, full of your elixir

I'm drowning in this chalice
Which has been shaped into your dreadful image
Into this vast, arcane sea of emptiness
Whose deep currents I shall once dwell...

8. Pentagram Of The Black Earth

Standing on the axis of two worlds
I raise the black pentagram high
Towards the northern darkness
Where thy horrid throne stands

Dark monument under the wing of night
Obscure forms slithering out
From its cavities and tunnels
Which all give way to thy shadow

I conjure thee with thy many names
Lord beyond the Mortiferic gates
Resurrect thyself from the pit
And grasp me with the hand of night

Touch each angle of this pentacle
And implant thy essence in them
It shall serve me as a blazing shield
From the sight of the profane ones

Empower the pentacle, thy robust image
And connect it with the earth where my feet stand
So that my spirit may be one with thee
Lord of the black earth, Belial!

9. Gallows Of Inversion

The shadow is above
The spiritless world of Adam's race
The mankind has fallen
Blinded by the white darkness

Encountering death after death
A wandering decayed soul
Born again filled with fears
Circle without end

We have fallen in love with Death
And taken it into our hearts
Let it build thoughts
Of its necessity and beauty

Gallow that turn to tree
Are filled with fruits for the wise
And Death himself embraces
The deathless spirit

On the holy path of true salvation
We walk towards understanding
The love for Death must be stronger
Than the one for the creators of your flesh

Only pure devotion can save
With the keys of living gnosis
Pass the gate of continuum
And Death gives birth to the other level

10. Rakkaudesta Saatanaan

Mustien esirippujen tuolta puolen
Herrani valo loistaa, ja minä tunnen sen
Ikuisen muutoksen tuhoavana voimana
Kaaoksen pyörteenä, mustana virtana

Kymmenen plus yhden kuninkaan silmästä
Kuolonmeri vuotaa tehden myrkkyä vedestä
Tuohon virtaan eivät huku mustat sudet
Jotka ovat nähneet äidin pimeät unet

Rakkaudesta Saatanaan minä laulan
Syntymästä kuolemaan kannan hänen auran
Hänen, joka on kaksi kuin käärmeen kieli
Samael ja Lilith, lohikäärmeen liekki

Raivaten tietä kohti hänen kirkkautta
Sirpillä leikaten sydän täynnä rakkautta
Harva on joukko hänen tulestaan
Kuoleman polulla, hänen armostaan

Ave. Ave. Ave. Ave.

Rakkaudesta Saatanaan minä laulan
Syntymästä kuolemaan kannan hänen auran
Hänen, joka on kaksi kuin käärmeen kieli
Samael ja Lilith, lohikäärmeen liekki

Yön pimeydessä rukoukseni ylistävät sinua
Kaaoksen silmästä vastaat katsoen minua
Äänesi läpäisee maailman välissämme
Värähdellen lauluissamme, Oi Isämme


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