Blackbraid I

1. The River of Time Flows Through Me

Deep in the heart of a forgotten hemlock forest
A stream flows swiftly over ancient weathered stones
Beneath her surface an ancient current whispers
The memories of a thousand dreams converging deep below

Lost in the swells of eternity

A blackened wolf spirit with feral eyes of fire
Lurks silent in the dark, watching from the pines
She calls to me from the depths of my own spirit
A primal vision of a thousand fates entwined

Bound in blood a softly spoken memory
Calls to me from beyond the carnal void
An ever fading glimpse of all eternity
An ancient hymn to call the spirits forth

Stare into the eyes of the beast

Mother owl guide my hand
Pull me back from the blackened precipice
Instill in me your sacred wisdom
And the river of time will run through my veins eternal

2. As the Creek Flows Softly By

3. Sacandaga

Golden sunsets whisper
Pastel painted skys
Fading lights embrace
Hills of endless pine

Can you hear her calling
Dusks eternal blanket falls

Darkness rolling silent
Over mountains high
Hemlock bleeding warm sap
Leaves dance on autumn sky

Shadows move in softly
Creeping darkness falls
Ancient spirits whisper
Spells of moon and earth

Seven sacred pines
Soaring ever high
A road to the stars
Painted cross the sky

Autumn wind comes softy
Kisses my bare chest
Ancestral strength consumes me
I am reborn

Skyward we rise
Over moss encrusted hemlock
To awaken the hearts of long forgotten gods
Spirits of the forest are flowing through my body
Bestowing great strength and the will to carry on.

The passage of time slows to a soft whisper
Like wind in the pines while the creek flows softly by
A blackened wolf spirit with feral eyes of fire
Watches from the shores of the river of my mind.

Awakened by the vision of a thousand lives before me
My spirit flies free on the hallowed winds of time
And as the dream fades and my mortal form becomes me
The wolf's gaze sets upon me and our spirits intertwine

A celestial womb of ash
Burns beyond her eyes of fire
A Celestial womb of ash
Behind the eyes of her spirit

4. Barefoot Ghost Dance on Bloodsoaked Soil

Fiery drums of war
pound beneath my veins
A red flowing river
to ignite the sacred flame

i shall feel no pain
converge, consume, efface

born again in death
a sacred honor given
a dying Earth's bequest
weeping for her children

i shall feel no pain
converge, consume, efface

taken against her will
made to suffer
rape and defilement
of our sacred mother
who will stand
against her desecration
a blood dawn rises
spears in hand
today is a beautiful day to die

5. Warm Wind Whispering Softly Through Hemlock at Dusk

6. Prying Open the Jaws of Eternity

Frosts breath on silent fields
Sleeping gods of river and oak

A moment suspended in time
reflected in the heart of the mountain

Deep sigh of hallowed slumber
Shake the sleep from the eyes of the world

A celestial grave I long to return to
Reflected in the heart of the mountain

A vision
From the depths of my soul
A sacred song of twilight to call the spirits home
Like the voice of the wind
The ever flowing echos
Of eternity within

Chorus 1:
Born of dust and ash
Reflected in the stars
Ancient blood of mountains
The memories of a thousand lives

A calling
From the eye of the world
To make the sacred bind
And give myself to her
A burden
Of the highest honor bared
To walk the lonely road
Each step an earthen prayer

Chorus 2:
Born of dust and ash
Reflected in the sky
To walk a sacred path
To bare the gift of sight

Soaring ever higher
Across the plains of time
The birth and death of a thousand worlds
Like shifting sand in moonlit tides

Repeat chorus 1

A glimpse through the cracks of eternity
To the sacred depths of life
The dust of a thousand planets
Burns within our minds

Repeat chorus 2

The day I die
Bury me among the stars
And worship my memory
As the warm autumn wind

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