Black Sun Aeon
Darkness Walks Beside Me

1. Chapter 1: A Song For The Introduction


2. Chapter 2: A Song For My Wrath

I am the god, the chaos and destruction
Behold the powers of my wrath
I am the sword
The burning blade of vengeance
Your blood in my hands
As I embrace the black fire of the end
Ashes rain upon me when heaven is in flames
I am the bringer of your damnation
The judge and deliverance in one
If I say there shall be darkness
All light will die
I rule the world without a sun
With sorrow I behold the demise
The ruins of empyrium
With sorrow I behold, it was fortold
When angels fall, we have seen the last dawn

3. Chapter 3: A Song For My Demise

I am counting hours
Waiting for the sun to set below horizon
Blinded by the light until the
Darkness will fall upon me
And I become as one
Last few restless hours
Until the daylight will reach its end
I am granted with great powers
But blinded by the light until the
The pyre of gods, black flame within me
The fire of wrath inside
I burn alive

4. Chapter 4: A Song For My Sorrow

Throw of the scent
To seize the chase of life
When one with death no light in sight
I have been told that before the end
The angels will come, angels will come
Years has taken the best out of me
The sharpest edge
Endless burdensome journey without a rest
Murder in cold blood instead of a suicide
This crime is justified
I have killed myself so many times
That for me without a doubt
Heaven is denied
I am here, I am waiting, In silence
With no fear of dying
No more bleeding inside
Waiting for the black sun to rise

5. Chapter 5: A Song For My Weakness

I embrace
The depths of oblivion
I am engaged to the escapeable end
The void that once was a strength
Consuming and fears
Became too intense
I behold the days that are numbered
In my perdiction
The end has been forseen
I am unable to accept this failure
As weak as I am
I have no strength in me to pretend
The throne that once
Marked my strength
Is now a token of my failure

6. Chapter 6: A Song For This Winter

I can't recall
That the summer came this year before the fall
Leafs didn't grow on trees, grass wasn't green
No lifesigns to be found
It's like a soundscape of silence
The final harvest has become
with bare hands we sowed the fields of ice
Lats crop that died on the ground
Into the frozen soil
Where I bury myself to be reborn
I can't recall
That the summer came this year before the fall
To The land of thousand frozen lakes
Where the endless winter without sun will bury us
Like a snowfall

7. Chapter 7: A Song For My Illness

I have become to question my existence
The purpose of life
The essence of the creature I am
These days will be remembered
As the dark ones
When all life withered away
Death came with me side by side
Our trail across the land
Left only void behind
I have become more than my reflection
I have overcome the sickness
The weakness of my blood
I am the plaque, I am the flood
I have become more than a man
Weak flesh seals inside a god

8. Chapter 8: A Song For My Funeral

I follow
I walk the trail
Of my shadow
It walks ahead
Leading away
From the light
Darkness walks beside me

9. Chapter 9: A Song For The One Who Passed Away 4.9.2008


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