Blood Incantation
Hidden History of the Human Race

1. Slave Species of the Gods

Incarnate in time to play the game of life & death
Human souls at war - endlessly reborn just to die... and die again

Sow the seeds of suffering to break the chains of consciousness
For he who's called Yaldabaoth

You're free inside - This demiurge is beyond Time
This great nothing is ending - but the only change is in your mind

What the eyes can't see

The search begins within synthetic light beings
From within the nine dimensions
A hologram unseen

The soul's ascent begins again, as the Mind merges with the all

...Cross the bridge divine, from the Cosmic Mind...

Quantum desolation opens the Gate of Mind

2. The Giza Power Plant

Hardened... like when the fresh air burns the lungs
And spiraling harvests coagulate the mind that's rotting away

Thoughts within soil, from within the forms as such
Behind Death's realms of Earth-bound souls
Forever (caught) in a past that never happened

Astral trepanation yields transcendental ecstasies
And woes of frigid distance no longer feel so far - but within reason, though out of reach

Through the doors we each must travel - different markings eirher side
Without knowing the different colors of each beast's aura

Predisposed inertias propagate alien histories
As timelines weave between them while you sleep

3. Inner Paths (to Outer Space)

4. Awakening from the Dream of Existence to the Multidimensional Nature of Our Reality (Mirror of the Soul)

"Night opens wide the gates of space
To make the Earth a flying star on which we travel through the ALL
Like arrows - speeding towards unknown aim
The spheres move ceaselessly through unknown realms
Carrying us from Void to Void - through Time and Eternity

And thus we move within the spheres of our mind-created ALL
From Dream to Dream
Until the Void within us can absorb the Light that is both Origin and Aim"

Souls are the fuel of Archons, so the masses can't awaken
Activate the merkabah field and ascend celestial plains

Cast down to Amenti and adrift in the Halls of Judgement
Thoth grants the souls entry and guards the quest of passage:
Netherward descent into the afterworld and through the Abyss

Tangible helix patterns unfurl the grid of the ancients
Synthesize the lifetime of a dream

Far away in the land of dreams - Coast inside the waves of my soul
Deep within the Mind I see - Opening my heart to the ALL

Mystical pure white light
Glowing like a spore in the Cosmic Mind
Feast upon the flesh of the Gods of Time

Endless lifetimes wasted meandering
Your life ends, lost to mystery

Endless spiraling tentacles inside - Your mind a host to once-unseen astral parasites

...Human life is merely a mosaic of endless parallel worlds and synchronistic events perceived by Man as aimless Chaos...

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