Blood Stained Dusk
Black Faith Inquisition

1. March to Death (Intro)

I am the God of Gods
I am the lord of darkness and master of magicians
I am the power and the knowledge
I am before all things
I am before all days
I am before all men and legends of men
I am the ancient one
No man may seek my resting place
I receive the sun at night and the moon by day
I am the receiver of the sacrifice of the wanderers
The mountains of the west cover me
The mountains of magick cover me
I am the ancient of days
I am before Absu, I am before Nar Marratu
I am before Anu
I am before Kia
I am before all things

Ia! Ia! Ia! Ia sakkakth! Iak sakkakh! Ia sha xul! Ia! Ia! Ia!
Utukku xul! Ia! Ia zixul! Ia zixul!
Ia kingu! Ia azbul! Ia azabua! Ia xaztur! Ia hubbur! Ia! Ia! Ia!
Baxabaxaxaxaxabaxaxaxaxa! Kakhtakhtamon ias!

2. Of Wolf's Blood

3. Coven of the Dying Sun

Expelled upon the breath of ages
An ancient evil awakens
Whispering echoes speak of a kingdom of agony
A kingdom that once was
With his fury at our backs it shall be once more

Forged in darkness and begotten in flame
He is the nexion of all black energy
We are but servants to his will
And those who shall wield his wrath

I have sipped the black elixir
That runs form the altar stone
We are the harbingers of his living death
Oh so sacred his blood now courses my veins
At one with the union of man and beast
Our lord has been made flesh once more

Oh lord of all that is unholy
Reveal unto me nothing but what shall make my heart black
Bestow unto me nothing but devotion to thy will
Grant me nothing but the strength of my arm
To wield your might upon my steal
And your glory upon my torch
I am a soldier of your everlasting death

In unholy allegiance we are sworn
Bound together by the sanctity of your sacrilege
Rise now, oh lord, to strike down those who once cast you out
Devour the dying light and we, your coven, shall invoke this world's demise!

Oh lord of all that is unholy
reveal unto me nothing but what shall make my heart black
Bestow unto me nothing but devotion to thy will
Grant me nothing but the strength of my arm
To wield your might upon my steal
And your glory upon my steal
And your glory upon my torch
I am a soldier of your everlasting death
The only purpose of my life is to end all life

4. Conquering the Avarice of Mortality

Hauntings of the specters forming fear
The war of all the plague of night is now revealed
The shaman is calling to the sphere of terror and hidden knowledge

The force of darkness that enshrouds the initiates aim
While in final hours we know that we will be victorious
For the will of the light is weak in its eroded hope
When the black energies of our kind unite
The fields are stained with the blood of a dark purpose

And this blasphemy was lashed forth from a forked tongue
The heavens became a flaming inferno

The somber gloom of the light's day before our war
Has turned into a day in which priest's blood has spilled on horizon's of hope
And in rich crimson the dusk is covered in sheep's blood
On the throne of man we sit smiling, our triumph has come

Death, salvation of humanity
Though no one can ease my hunger
A lost plane of knowledge left dormant for centuries
Vistas of realities unveiled for heavenly desecration
Darkness takes consciousness in full form

Pacing slowly through dark forests the chilling effect of the night
The calling of nocturnal majesties brought upon destroyed ruins
The witch unfolds the parchment paper
To become a slave of the coven's need
So she spoke the words of enchanting praise

The fallacy of human to impel themselves into being humble
In times of sickness we thing we could fail
But all I can see in the distance
Is the burning funeral pyres in the dead of night
The beast has arisen from it's sleep to conquer this world
For its time was brought by the coming of wolves

5. Eve of Maelstrom

From all corners of oblivion
Come ravenous, murdering creatures
Torching sacred artifacts of the false and dying deities

The ashes of eternity are scattered amongst the ruins
of time and will be turned to dust

Darkened matter feeds the beating heart of battle
And impales the hope of the enemy
Fury enriched death and destruction
Breaches their heavenly stronghold

Their standards of unholy conquest carried before
Black blood rains from severed heads
The meat from the throats adheres to steel and wood
The hair whipping like banners unfurled in the fiery winds

Victory is imminent with such vulnerable prey
The remaining choke on their own blood as they call to the above

War is now the only thing this peaceful Earth and the heavens know
The place specter's puppets
Are now embers in the smoke and fog
Bearing the book of fairy tales that are nailed to their shattered skulls
Hellfire shall incinerate mankind and the foul religion
And all has turned to dust

The only light upon this Earth
Shall be cast by the flames of its own incineration
Blood has stained the shadows of a dying horizon
All virtue has been vanquished
This is the eve of maelstrom

6. Astrum Obscurum

The night sky speaks of .. the coming
Constellations explode in it's breath
An alignment of moon, stars, and planets, 666
A parallel universe through a dying sun
To bring forth those of wolves blood

Predictions of this gateway by satanic rights
Ceremonial pacts with the chaotic dimensions
That fuel the night sky and the accursed sun
Ascends into death

Blackest flame.. the axis of this doomed Earth
A continuing revolution of unholy symbolism
Darkest corners of existence bring what is to be
A eulogy for the weak and feeble
And decimation set forth by an eternal eclipse

Blood infests sands and oceans of time
Black gods congregate.. holding high the horns of Hell
Warriors in league with utmost power and wisdom
Death burns within their eyes
Prophecies of the dark star above

Sanctus satanas, sanctus
Dominus diabolus sabaoth

I am he
Forged from the fires of the dead sun
And wrought by the left hand of God
In the solace of death I have taken form
As a reaper I stand before thee gazing into the void
Upon the break of our armageddon
The seeds of atrocity have been sown
I have spilt the blood of the holy and tasted the tears of angels
I have scattered the ashes of their temples
Open the gateway that they may enter
Open the gateway that we may build our empire upon the slain
Rise oh star of darkness
Rise up and destroy this world
Rise up and eclipse the light forever!
I am he!!!

Z'rdo k'af' caosago mosp'l'h t'loch
z'rdo k'af' caosago mosp'l'h t'loch
N'gha z'rdo hoath adphaht affa

Black energy has now taken form
Plaguing this once called promised land
Hordes of beasts strategically await
To stand forth to challenge and destroy
Those of light.. leaving the devil's mark
The mark of war and ultimate damnation

7. Ashes from a Burning Heaven

Nightfall brings forth a gathering of wolf's blood
A coven of black sorcery to end hopes and dreams
Emptiness, despair, decimation
While marching through mortal graves
Powers of darkness manifest in shadow
Leaving the heavens in ruin

A mere cinder of pathetic times
To be left, to be forgotten
Ashes of dreams scatter throughout horizons
The eternal sorrow of fallen empires

Cold bleeding wind, decimation of purest form
No life, no love, a wasteland of death
The mark of holy faith, bares nothing, but being conquered

Ashes continue to fall evermore
Ashes, the harvester of victory and triumph
A foreseen holocaust, by satanic eyes
I walk now where holy robes once walked
Standing on bones and dead faith
Looking around at moonlit and blood filled lakes
Judeo-Christian scum, float as the scum they are

War paint melts from me as the heavens burn
Blood covers me for humanity is dead
And holy tongues are forever silence
Under this black sun, wolves howl proudly
Satanic spawn's prophecy is now at hand
Allegiance of warriors disappear into flames
Furthermore, abyssic gates have opened and conquered
Looking above.. nothing more to see!

8. The Knell Resounding (Outro)

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