Blood Stained Dusk
Continuance of Evil

1. Invocation to Baphomet

2. Rentum Tormentum

Far away in the hills... an ancient fire burns
Our black coven has gathered
For the coming of him... wolf's blood
Far away in the hills... witches are chanting
They are chanting and dancing
Rentum Tormentum

The priest calls forth to the altar slave
Prepare the virgin for sacrifice
He raises ritual dagger and plunges forth
Her hands raise to ask why?
The offer blood is sustenance for our gods

Far away in the hills... an ancient fire burns
Far away in the hills... witches are chanting
The ancient hymn of a past now reborn
Rentum Tormentum

Blood of our sacrifice
Drips into the baptismal choice
Carved from the skull of goat

Orgies, lust, perversions
All desires of hell now commence
We raise the blood filled chalice
And baptize the infant, wolf's blood

Far away in the hills... an ancient fire burns
Far away in the hills... witches are chanting
The ancient hymn of a past now reborn
Rentum Tormentum

And with him darkness has come
No one from our plague
We laugh at the world

3. Continuance of Evil

Continuance... of... evil...
Across his land... empowered...
By corruption and greed...
The graveyard stench... is rising...
Against so called "elite", the coven is here!
Ripping and shredding thru time and space
Backwards, like early black metal, leaving
Pretentious vermin enraged, blessed to be
The only desire...

To kill!

As we are here to burn this planet
Kaos constricting through veins, mystical.
Prophecy writhing in blood dusk is now here

Hail darkness!

Dumbfounded imbecile inbreeds
Waste to be breathing our air heart of darkness
Never forgives, coven shall never forget...
As we ritualistically slaugher puss-dripping
Capitalist swine, masses of demonic warriors
Join us in hell, live in line we are the final
Eclipse, raise of the dead - we arrive hear
The blood freezing screams end of the
Light and the lie prepare to face your tomorrow
In freezing cosmic void justice, never mercy
Resistance is futile behold the triumph
Consumed by death forever is forgotten

4. Purified by Steel and Inquisition

And I stood upon the sand of the sea
And saw a beast rise out of the sea
Rising seven heads and ten horns
Upon his horns ten crowns
And they worshipped the dragon
Which gave power unto the beast
Saying who is like unto the beast
Who is able to make war with him

And power was given unto him
And mouth speaking great things and blasphemies
And power was given unto to continue (forever!?)
And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against god
To blaspheme his name, his tabernacle
And all that dwell in heaven

I sit upon the highest mountain of skulls
And I have seen the farthest
And all I can see is our

My sword hath devoured
Until its thirst was quenches with blood
For now it is on earth as it is in hell!
If any man have an ear let him hear
He that leaded into captivity shall go into captivity
He that killed with the sword must be killed with the sword
And his steel do so the burn with fire
And his fire burning of our inquisition

And he doeth great wonders
So that he make the fire come down from heaven
On the earth in the sight of men
Hear is wisdom let him that hath understanding
Count the number of the beast
For it is the number of man, and his number is...
Six hundred three score and six
And he hath power to give life unto the image of the beast
That the image of the beast should both speak and cause
That as many would not worship the image of the beast
Should be killed...

5. Rebirth of the Wretched... I Live Again

Foul and tainted is my spirit
Aching... suffering... death of ages
Life... circling, circling
Reborn again and again
Will it never end?

Am I the dead forced to live?

Poisonous elixir I consume
Shamanic trance envelops
Traveling the wheel... visions overcome
I open the gateway to the nether realm

Flying above my creation
I unlock doorways of the past
The past so old... yet so familiar
Decrepit ruin of the stone castle walls around me
An iron fence encases a grave
Bust of stone... carry my face

Is this my grave? Am I to live again?

I have arisen from my grave
To wreak havoc upon this world
I will never cease
MY wretched soul that which lives nor dies
Has lived... again!
Returned reek of the 12th century
Memories, my face, these ruins
What does it mean?
Walking through hallways of my empire
Cobweb draped skeletons surround
Did these souls die for me?

My tyranny must not stop!

Now there is purpose
There is meaning
The hate must live on, the suffering must continue

I am the harbinger, I the sickness, I the disease, I am the slayer

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