Blood Stained Dusk
Dirge of Deaths Silence

1. Moon Behind the Storm

In powerful beauty moonlight brings a new darkness
New age lightning strikes upholding its wrath
Sphere of ancient centuries glowing most mighty
Illuminating the remnants of heavens
Clouds full of Angel's tears weep their eternal sorrow
Washed away Christian hopes and dreams
Eternal night unleash thy fury
Descend upon us from the destroyed heavens
Mirror of time, ablaze my vision
Mirror of time, reveal the moon behind the storm
Howling winds encircle through dark forest
Forever to be... where the cold winds blow
Up from the freezing blackness
Mine eyes witness the ascension
This once fruitful earth my infernal dimension
As the hands of time slowly draw near
The storms exceed thy rage from beyond
Carried on thy darkest of winter wings
Upon the highest mountain overseeing this world
Anger conquers all sorrows
Black warlocks of ancient wisdom
Set forth their eclipse
Journey to the ablazed horizon
Darkness has unfolded from its shelter
The sun now disintegrated, leaving peace to ashes
And the grains fall from our hands
Forever the storm unleashes its fury
Carrying souls within its watery crypt
Mirror of time, ablaze my vision
Mirror of time, reveal the moon behind the storm
As the hands of time slowly draw near
Scattered ashes disappear
Far beyond the path of unknown
Thoughts of the past embedded in our souls

2. Bringer of Everlasting Damnation

Lord of the plaguing storms
Impurest one of blackest dimensions
Our souls grow stronger as others die
The blood of the Acheron
carries away all those weakened
Homage to eternal war
Christians slither on bloodied bellies
Lashes engraved and piercing wounds
Such as their master had suffered
Eternal darkness and the blood of the martyrs
Will strengthen us and our empire
Golden coagulated thrones have fallen
Summoned from the seven corners
Heaven's gate scatters amidst the left hand path
Glorification for the blackest of eyes
Perfect visions for our infernal uprising
Shall this time commence forth
And feed the black night realms
As we walk, skulls crumble beneath our feet
Crimson victory covers our cloaks and armor
Lord of the abyss
Bringer and master of hordes
Sworn and devout we are to thee
Our wisdom only grows stronger
Our souls only grow stronger
Unified in league with Satan
Bringer of everlasting damnation

3. Renounce the Dawn

Within depths of forgotten forest
Woods of immortality shelter me
For I know the light draws near
Soulless hunger, my blood runs black
The blood descends from my mouth to the fallen snow
Climates pleasing to me by its cold embrace
While the mortal sun approaches, winter solstice sight of the ages
Guide by blackened path for I renounce the dawn....
Forever the dawn dies in me
As dead as the cold river that now fills my veins
Demon race I've now become
The night breed of Satan's earthly breed
Withering the pale light wanes in my heart
Where darkness now grows and breeds its exquisite beauty
Night for an infinity, desecration of the heavens
Glowing proudly through the cemetery gates
Alas, the woeful mountains summon me
The white wolf calls my name
I spread my black wings and soar into the eternal night!
Embraced once more by the storm
Sanguinary truth is now shown to me
The dark secret to eternal life
Its proven to me as I have always known
Hunger calls to me, it calls to me
Hunger calls to me to embrace the dark gift of immortal life

4. The Infernal Praise

O' Dark lord ignite me in your blackest flame
Bring the darkness that is to be
Thy kingdom shall forever me
Great king how I praise thy infamy
Forever shall I walk thy path of dark enlightenment
May thy blood be my blood
And may you quench my thirst for darkness
Every time an angel weeps
My black heart beats harder
And when my eyes turn to black and dead
I feel your reaping sorrow
Cleanse me of this lies
Purify my flesh with your seething fire!
As the dark cloak drapes down on me
And the gate to the abyss opens
Serenity fills me and I am complete once more

5. Vastland of the Empire Lost

Night guides me endlessly
into a vastland of enchantment
I wander as if I have never walked these steps before
Darker and darker this realm becomes
as revealed by my blackest of souls
Sunrise dies and withers
And grants me the sight of eternal visions
I see the damnation of this vastland
An ancient empire once so proud, now lies dead
Cold are these mountains that surround and stand
like statues awaiting an awakening
Bottomless lakes of thought
are frozen by the cold wind
By my fiery hand I hold the key
The key to destroy the holy force
that enslaves this empire of darkness
May this vastland be no more
Our empire shall rise again!
I have traveled through icy seas of the forgotten
And vastlands of great darkness
Lightning cracks and this vastland trembles
Awakened again by our ancient ceremony
Wandering the ruins of what is left of paradise
And now nothing remains but grief and suffering
Our empire stands alone to silence all
Our empire stands alone ot conquer all...

6. Sanguinas Path - The Blood I Follow

Funeral moon awakens my cryptic being
Enthroned within powers of supreme immortality
Accursed sun no longer bringing life
To my cold, black earth
I, the night cloak,
that which breeds in the hearts of all plagues
Bringeth the sorrow upon all humanity,
and shall rest in my throne of blood
Sanguinary black skies behold this path I follow
Death winds encircle me, I shall reign triumphant
O' Lord of the moon's essence
my guide of passion and hate
Our kingdom eternally
flows through the shadowed lands
Lord of my being, united we shall conquer!
I, the harvester, Satan's earthly breed
Hath taken the eternal vow
to uphold commands of the darkest night
This world a mere playground to me,
dismembered lambs of Christ are the tears in my eyes
They fall to the ground on which I stand
My moonlit eyes see ages old
Gazing into the bloodied woods
which I hold within my hands
Weak and helpless souls wander my lands
Unknowing of the fate that shall become their destiny
Harbinger of the grotesque, I am
Carved in my cold, black soil of my ancient slumber
Drenched in blood
My existence forever calling
from the depths beyond this world

7. Funeral of Lamentation

As the plague of sorrow caresses my soul
And the wind of a thousand funerals
breathes the coming of pain
The solitude of blackness
is so great and encompassing
It eclipses the black of the moonlit sky
I light the candles to burn beyond the pentagram's edge,
into nothingness
And the nothingness shall reap the lamentation
of their now dying mass
My soulless eyes see nothing but everything that is
Hands of silence grace the lands of emptiness
Possessed by the dark lord's conquering power
The awakened visions bringing forth the end
Horizon's of sunrise fade on
as the stake is driven into the hearts of all faith
Their visions of the proud and mighty
are but mere embers and ashes of our infernal war!
My legion's blade gleam from the hacking blows
And its presence no longer showing steel but of blood
Sneering faces of my enemies stained in the rain of red
Wretched are they desiring mercy from my onslaught
Weakness shall have the blood it hungers for, its own
Fields of impalement and funeral pyres
of rising smoke cover this weak land
A testament of my never ending holocaust
Once again,
I stand proud igniting the candles on my altar black
Now drowned in the seas of my conquered enemies

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