Spirit in Flames

1. Insides Out

Hauled up the steps of doom
Killings simply not enough
Extract the vital thread of life
Push you to your tomb

Insides out

The Punishment for your betrayal
Nasty execution
rid your meddling ways
Dissolve any future

Sliced and spilling into the square
for all to see
A picture hanging of tragedy, guts
falling endlessly

Insides out

2. Mindless Reactions

un-natural acts to pure. But are they sure? can't stop the doubt, To examine deep, deep in the in shadows, Multiple meanings

directionless powers. If thine eye offends thee, pluck it out with mindless reactions,
Can you ever doubt? Minds reduced to matters grave, Bridge the gap between life and death. Release the key torment, reverse the
thought, What's to prove in destroying belief. If thine eye offends thee, Pluck it out with mindless reactions, Can you ever doubt? Fountains of blood flow daily into sea so black, Mans reason to kill so blindly alters nothing about his past, Contagious hurt infectious mind drain still sealed to hate, blinkered eternally. Obstructing others to find there way from peace to sorrow to sorrow everyday. If thine eye offends thee, Pluck it out with Mindless reactions, Can u ever doubt?

3. Spirit in Flames

enter the afterlife, moving towards the light, but only evil's seen, blocking passages foolishly Spirit In flames suffering eternally, Trying to pass to the other side, dark clawing hands gripping fast hold us back.

Denied to move in natures flow
Spirit burns inactive, Stopping endlessly

Spirit In flames, Dissolving identity
Spirit in flames, Suffering eternally
Trying to pass to the other side

Dark Clawing Hands Gripping fast
Hold us back

Revisit A morbid Past, A time long gone, Loved ones cry for you
Revisit a morbid past a time long gone with memories so strong

Spirit In Flames Dissolving identity
Spirit In Flames Suffering eternally

4. Hell House

These Walls Bear Witness to torture and pain
Depraved Lust,Wealth And Gain
Legacy Of Greed That Death Can't Hide
Still Haunts This Place This Hellish Divide


Hellhouse, It Knows You're here
HellHouse Hellhouse Can Sense Your Fear

Damned Forever To A living Nightmare
A Short Secret Behind A tall lie
Twisted Reality A chapel of spite

The Walls Bear Witness to dark, dark Nights

A History of Horror That death Can't Hide
Spirits alone, Alone they cry
A release and exorcism it's all the crave
Tear the grip now from beyond the grave


Hellhouse It Knows your here
Hellhouse hellhouse
can sense you're fear

Energy negative bitter hatred scorning thoughts Still remain
Sour minds vicious Torment Evil Practice Will not Change
Disturbing Memoirs Haunt Each space lingering ghosts wont dissipate
Still there terror goes on and on never resting there deaths were wrong

5. Solar Prophecy

You won't see the sun you won't see the rain
won't see the moon or the snow again
You won't see the tress we won't see the fields
Can't smell the air or feel the breeze

A darkened shadow falls
Can you here me call
Upon the moons smiling face

You won't see the waves or the rush of the sea
The last frozen lake the final harvest is here
We dwell amongst the stars the black veil is ours
No rays of light shine down shine down on me

A Darkened shadow falls
can you here me call
Upon the moons smiling face

Solar Prophecy

You won't see the sun you won't see the rain
won't see the moon or the snow again

A Darkened shadow falls
Can you here me call

Solar Prophecy

6. Devil's Playground

My minds burning to a dance insane Bring it all down in the devil's playground. they live on fear on a road to nowhere, determind to

kill Far out flashback keeps there circle of fresh blood spilled.

Has no end!

Mad tale chasing caution, Can't Believe the cost blown to freedom, Wer're rasing hell wild and strange a madness incoming Day in day out never ending a brutal business,

MURDER HAUNTS THIS WORLD! MASSACRE HAS NO END!!!! Head hammering,to the crown of a man, Takes away his reason to live, in this world of total oppression can toleration win?


Massacre has no end

7. Fistula

8. Seance

Is there Anybody out there? Have you anything to say?
Can you give us A sighn to Investegate? Meddling for evidence

trance like state speak in many tongues from another world

Take it or leave it survival after death Illuminate us in Spirits we

seek Is there Anybody out there? Can you give us A Sign to

Investigate? Moving Unexplained gloomy mystery

from Beyond Psychic Energy sitting to advise medium receives
Objects Slamming doors Gives undue alarm

Is there anybody out there? have you anything to say?

Can you give us A Sign to investigate?

9. Ouija

Come Commune with us
Ring the Spirit Bell
Hold the circle tight
Let the glass tell

What slides the planchette round?
What Lies behind that veil

Make Your Presence Known
Spell Out Your name
Manifest to us
Your Chilling tales

What slides the marker round?
What lies behind that veil?

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