1. Blood Trails
2. Cavalcade
3. The Path That Lies Behind Me
4. Silence
5. Quantity Of Sadness
6. Post Mortem
7. The Vulture's Feast
8. A Callous Mind
9. Reincarnation
10. Angry Again
11. Farewell

1. Blood Trails

[Featuring Ville Laihiala]

Warcry like a thunder hums in your ears
Peace and silence of the past suddenly disappear
End of life, end of an era, crushed to conqueror feet
Burning sky is the sign when other nations bleed

The haven of your life, turns into flaming hell
Torturing and murdering, none left behind to tell
With the dawn of pain, they arrive across the seas
They are the disease, poisoning your future dreams

Conceited, unknown power watch ancient city wails
Isolated, surrounded by hatred, tainted with crucifying nails

The havoc is hiding behind holy sins on the sails
Noble glory covers the world by ornamental blood trails
Hate of a stranger lay upon your world
Convicted to vanish, they will kill you all

Run and hide, but this time you can't win
Everything different to them is a threat and a sin
You opened the gate and they came to take it all
Last sight is a groaning structure, a crumbling city wall

2. Cavalcade

Secrets of wisdom buried for eternity
Too far for man to unveil and find
Around us written last signs of sanity
Too close because we are blind

The dust has set and silence cradles man into false peace

Evil within, symbolical endless rain
Wash in sin, the falling statues of pain
Crying saints, scrabble to shameful victory
Here they come, forgotten corps of misery

Fail of one became the destiny for all
Trail of gun makes mankind aegis fall
Broken heroes on the wings of history
Watching another sorrow's Cavalcade...

Fail of one became the destiny for all
Trail of gun makes mankind aegis fall
Broken heroes on the wings of history
Bleeding for the sorrow's Cavalcade

Tear down all the remains of honor, bear the memory of your brother

Now look back and tell us what you see
The dark is path, in the ruins it leads
Give up now, let the wounds of sadness bleed
Wipe away, shades of our memory

3. The Path That Lies Behind Me

I am discharging the twilights of my mind
Conditioning fabricates my authentic sight
My radiant past, beaten paths are left behind
In the sea of make-believes, lies the remnants of dying mind

Death notice, think deep, death sentence, think deep
Last shout, breath deep, last twitch, sink deep

The morbid images are draining my consciousness
Raping, slaughtering my thinking process
Once I was a beast of a man, now I am just a man of a straw
Beaten paths are now left behind, the paths of dawn

Lost ideals of the future became the past
Revolutions of silent lambs are despairly made to last
This meaningless life breaks down far way too fast
Psychic hellhounds tear remains of abandoned soul rags

Break my essence, the core of weak morality
Steal my essence, it's an empty meaningless territory
Break my skull, the vermin caveman decease
Eat my guts, modern man's heel of Achilles

4. Silence

World's greatest punishment is not being able to talk
When there's someone who can not listen to you
Screaming for the name, but no one can hear your pain
Despair and sadness will take a control over you

Silence... that sweet bicentric question
Ripping through your unremitting thoughts

Rope wrapped tightly around your growling mind
Keeping them packed in a jar with perpetual wafer
Cover your eyes, true lies can make you blind
All your senses are numb, you are petrified

There they come to take everything away
All the precious you have had in your life
Here they are, but you are just way too late
All you have left is a scream in silence

5. Quantity Of Sadness

Quantity of sadness! To hear the waves of hate
It seems that only way out is through inhumanity's gate
I see my whole world burning, I'm near the point of breaking
Where life has lost it's meaning and everything for me has died

Doesn't matter how you define your destiny
In the end we all are lying six feet under

Velocity of madness is gaining fast
I'm travelling through the flames of my mental hell
Painfully it burns my mind and soul
I taste the blood on the nails from my prison wall

How many times can my soul be torn apart?
How many lies before I turn numb to this all?
How many nights until I'm sleeping the endless one?
How many cries for freedom that releases pain away?

Dreaming of things I can't ever reach
Feeling the emptiness so deep it makes my heart bleed

Destiny of soulless! Looking back dark path
Trying to see ahead, but there's only pitch black void
Finally I succeeded to wade myself out
And saw how the sky had turned into crimson red

6. Post Mortem

Here I stand alone in this empty world
Surrounded by dark shades and shadows
My skin is cold and torn apart
My memory is full of horrifying thoughts

I try to keep on living my soulless life
I feel my bloodless veins
Now I realize my journey here has just begun
Now I know that this is Post Mortem

To see this new world of my endless life
I know I live in paradox
Now I realize my journey here has just begun
Now I know that this is Post Mortem

I don't feel anything but hate and anger
I try to hide those feelings from my mind
But they keep on coming on and on
I don't know how to end this madness

As a human I failed and faded away
I turned the paradise into hell
Against my own nation I rose
I paint the world with bitter blood

7. The Vulture's Feast

Through the windiest trail to the highest hill
Looking over shoulder, there's no one to see
Now my painful journey starts, it's soon to end
The way it's going to happen, I don't know just yet

Gazing down from the edge to eternity
Where the silence will comfort me in a forever sleep
Silence to creep into my sceptical mind
Should I take the step to go down into eternal peace

Close your eyes, lean over to reach your destiny

My body is only flesh, but the soul keeps on walking
Stuck in this moment, but still I am falling
Closer to my final destination, am I only dreaming?
Silent sets my mind at rest, though I am still screaming

This overwhelming pressure on my hollow chest
I need to shunt it off by any means necessary
Desire to free myself is greater than will to live
The solution for my pain is in death's embrace

Spread your arms, lean over to find your immortality

8. A Callous Mind

As I walk through this wrecked land
The only thing that keeps me going
Is this endless pain and fear of death
I start to lose my faith and lust
All these years I've travelled by myself
With this curse that makes me hollow

I fight my way to the destination, there's nothing that will ever stop me
To survive through these evil times, I must keep my callous mind
A callous mind, a callous mind

I think it's time to end this journey
I must forget everything that I am
So close but still so far away
Feels like I'm walking blinded by dust
Small and sharp rocks underneath my feet
Leaves bloodstained marks behind me

I fight my way to the destination, there's nothing that will ever stop me
To survive through these evil times, I must keep my callous mind
A callous mind, a callous mind

To born, to live, to die, it makes me say goodbye
To see, to hear, to feel, it makes me feel unreal
To fear, to scream, to bleed, it makes me feel the greed
Now I should rest in peace

9. Reincarnation

Fulfill your days of misery and let grim stream convey
Chokin' waves of agony, collapses will to live away
No one heard your scream, didn't saw you among them anyway
Suffer to very last breath, yearning for sweet embrace of grave
Bury the unborn dreams, loose chains that held the light
The cunning lust for power, soon they will all bleed
From dust to dust, end of your mortal path
Black clouds welcomes, the holder of holy wrath

Close your eyes, lay down for the last time
Shelter of night, crowns the new divine
Leave this world to rule tomorrow

Devastation for their world as they saw it
Population shed contrition while they're crawling
Destination to become the risen one
Reincarnation your time has come!

Looking them now above, unleash a stable fire
Eternal grandeur aeon, remembrance of past has died
Claim your revenge, payback their sins
Torn apart the temples, crush false heroes and kings
Wash away the dying nation, let the new dawn begin
Now you are the only one, son of the blood red sun
See your shadows move away, ahead of the first day
They all confess you now, reincarnated...

10. Angry Again

[MEGADETH cover]

11. Farewell

[Digipack bonus track]

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