Chrome (1999)

1. Jupiter
2. Coming Down
3. Stardust
4. Monumenta
5. Retrosky
6. Trancewagon
7. Who Sent The Workers Back Underground
8. 21:20 Desire
9. Alooka's Boulevard
10. Millenarian Drive

1. Jupiter

Last night I went to Jupiter
and silently I stayed
until I caught the daybreak on the seventh moon
breathing in the juvenile
naked to the bone
sitting on the bottom of my soul

Open up to the sound on Celestials playground

I'm reaching out to willpower
staring at the strobe
I never thought that speed of life could kill my thoughts
trying to come clear now
my engine running slow
falling like a comet heading home

Open up to this sound
let the magic come over
and freak out

2. Coming Down

There's an echo coming back
from the walls that you painted
when the truth was mistaken
was breakin' in two

There were few things you needed
there were bullocks down the road
did you ever believe it?
are you really that strong?

There's an airship coming down
through the clouds that your chasing

3. Stardust

Stones, I'm moving through
stardust on my shoe
responding to a tune
"hi there, who are you"

Chrome is supersonic

Smoke, from burning rocket fuel
at full speed, to uriah blue

Chrome is supersonic

4. Monumenta

Put down your load and go to sleep
untill your ready to
wipe all the burden of your sleeve
do what you think you should
released from matter you'll be free
be free from agony
but your so proud, waitress
do love your sister, girl

You look good and you're certainly prescious
but honney your so confused
it's okay... an eye on the exit
freaked out and veiled
a see your face in the middle of traffic
so tender and full of charme
free yourseld, be yourself, free yourself
hold on

5. Retrosky

These are the eyes of the in between, the voices in my mind
cut the light and break the screen untill I feel allright
got the touch to free myself from smoke in my belief
these are the eyes of the retrosky, so baby, set me free

Don't let it go
don't let it go
besides the choking I feel fine
I've got to focus on my rhyme
I've got my hands on solid ground
my retrosky won't let me down

Do you remind me of the ride abroad when the grass turned blue
as we zoomed through?
You put this thing in me and now I can't break loose

6. Trancewagon


7. Who Sent The Workers Back Underground

Under the ground
amongst their fears
black water sound
from which they run

Under the earth
amongst their tears
under the surface
apart from love


Watch me, I'm awake
but now you're kicking my heart out
you murderer

8. 21:20 Desire

Twenty past nine, desires awaken
atracted by the light of your eruption
probably out of illumination
concession blind, reduce this fiction

Shake it up
don't fool me around

Sweatting for a piece of late night mixture
lust for lies under the morning sun
darling you reallly drive me crazy
so burry your pride and dig up mine

Common' and shake it up
don't fool me around

9. Alooka's Boulevard

You take it slow
maybe you've got it all under controll
just wait and see
save yourself from the ego in me
you blaim me for
every damn time that I couldn't be yours
you're killing me
now I step back, step back from your heartache

I'll dissapear
and leave you for love on a higher degree
forever free
is'nt that just what we wanted from each other

You've got it all so clear
this is the last time that I came so near
you've got it all so clear
forever tumbling down, tumbling down and running away

run from here into the dawn

10. Millenarian Drive

Come to the world where the sane man crawls
and drop a lot of worries there
feel delight
wrong for a while when the wind went dry
it took a minute to deny it's sad song

Come to the world where the good man saw
and grab another bottle man
flush it down
hold up your hands to the intemate crowd
"superior life... let's try it out"

Makes me crazy to agree with the reasoned crap they still proclaim
my son, come to the world where the sane went numb

I traded trust for the wrong kind of answers
made me longing for the dark
but I became one with the sparks of my own fire
and now insanity is moving out of town
ride on, I rest my case
ride on, this sadness will break
I'm living next to the restless
I'm living next door to hate
but I call it out

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