Lunchbox Dialogues (2000)

1. Lonely Man Burning
2. Sharks And Razors
3. Outshine
4. Boarding Music
5. Body Overdrive
6. The Celestial Dragon
7. All Wrong
8. Comfortable Mess
9. From The Plains

1. Lonely Man Burning

this war is over
I'm getting sober in my head
I'm growing older
leaving the colder man for dead
over my shoulder
I loose control again and again
I'm out of order
but on a concrete fundament

feed the burning man inside
try to, try to
feed the burning man tonight
this empty dayride
these lonely days that never end
are out of view

last night I was floating
I saw the flames inside a house
the door wide open
the firebirds were flying out

I wrote it in my book: 'it's the mystery you can't control'
the women, alcohol, the misery in your best friends call
you'll get your share of all this reality TV, somewhere,
keep dreaming

this hurricane that rose is big enough to choose a path
the dusty curb, the scars it made are someones reservoir
the love your searching for is closer than the nearest bar
keep dreaming

2. Sharks And Razors

Sharks and razors in my sleep
body's aching for some peace
how I steal for you, like I steal from you
slowly losing my believe in life

Sharks and razors digging deep
searching for a remedy
how I run for you just to run from you
slowly fading, I can't stand the sight

because I stole from you the last time and I don't want to abuse you
just a minute for your second thoughts and I'll show you I'm through with it
I've been hiding my best side from you and I don't want that anymore
now I tell you for the first time that I don't want to lose you

3. Outshine

long blind kiss from the beauty queen
daddy said I'm dancing on a mine
but if I ruled the world
if I was made king
watch me play for joker all the time

honesty... outshine
it breaks the mass

fear comes through with all it's hell
out here in the dark I play it cool
what do you want from me?
out here in the dark I play the fool

I'm restless in a world where all the eyes are meant to see
I'm restless in a world with all the shiny jewellery
I'm restless in a world where all the lies are meant to be

if I had a chance I would turn the world to blue
if I ruled the world I gave that world to you

4. Boarding Music

get in your fighter pilot
and drop those bombs off
make your plans work
untill the mad dog is quiet
beat resistance, break defences

Mister P. wants you to hit your targets
boy, its gonna be a mess down there
to save... to pay?

when the rain curtains fall
no escape from euphoria
we all seek shelter for ourselves

Mary meets the sky

shattered by the storm of desire
to hold you once more
with the light out, here
I feel like a silent preacher
as I resent the sky above me

can't stop
I've been waiting for so long
been up all night chasing the dawn
with this devil upon my heels

I won't go mad, I won't go numb
the desert is cold, my baby is gone
a valley of hope dried up in the sun

I won't go mad, I won't go numb
they put us apart, the damage is done
but here in my heart the battle is won

5. Body Overdrive

I've got a pocketbook for the beats in my mind
I've got a bottle of red and I drink all through the night

I've got gallons of fuel to drive me to where I like
to the north to the west, wherever it feels right

I want to step outside and watch the fire brighten
I want to ride the highway and scream into your face
that it's allright

when the spark hits the bottom
it takes me by surprise
the engine of your foolish heart is the zero train
you can't restrain and that's allright

6. The Celestial Dragon

breathe out, wherever she walks
the workers and whores are blinded by love
give in, 'cause when she begins
you will surrender to the precious smile, that she brings

she's open fire and rain
the stars can't complain with her at their side
just by the touch of her hand
broken young man
you will know today is the day

give it up, give it up when she's on your way...

7. All Wrong

winter falls and out of fuel we hide inside our shell
no excuse or advice, it's just the way we feel

we will stumble through our days
I will read you happy tales
I will catch you if you fall

no surprise to wrap around my iron safety belt
maybe we can try some more, yes, I think we really can

we will stumble through our days
I will read you happy tales
I will catch you if you fall
it's all wrong

winter falls and out of fuel we hide inside ourselves
and never come back out again

8. Comfortable Mess

poetry in her window pane
see our faces in the moonless night
with no need for a spoken word
too afraid to be open now
innocent for as long as silence is our friend

spinning round in my belly wheel
in the garden behind veiled eyes
I'm the boy again, standing in the flood
so in love with the tides

should I save myself from you
and then drown in distant memories
should I give myself to you
or just throw it all away?

poetry in the window pane
her devotion, a mysterious smile
how long will we play this waiting game
how long will we stay on tricky ground
how long will we play this waiting game

9. From The Plains

You're a memory that makes us free
a sunshine melody to believe in
you make me breathe in
whenever I'm načve
tomorrow I could meet
the angels in the serenade you sang
when the night became a fortune to you
a different frame of view
a light to see me through the year

a siren fills the deserted streets
the silence of your sudden leave
I'm hopeful, you made me hopeful
and what is left behind
tomorrow we might find
the answers lay in riverbeds and dust
the beautiful chaos in the head
no, beauty is not dead
we looked the other way
a cold wind blew on this day

(bye bye, my dear)

we should know we're running out of time
we should know we're humming different tunes
open up, surrender to the plot
beautiful, show them all you have got

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