Spindles turn in the rooms,
Engines roar to the tune,
Stoke the fire - overkill
Turning cycle - it's overdue

Time's running out
Running so fast
The pressure is on
We're on overdrive

Wheels seize to a halt
Labour silent to no groove
Suckon pulls me - override
Inside out - on overdrive

World machine - engines burn
Fuel diseased - take me back
World machine - engines dead
Can't you see.

Silence falls in the womb
Mechanical soil starts to move
Quench the fire - overuse
There's no pity - there's no use

Tears run to the soil
Blood entwines to be one
Stoke the fire - it's overdue
Bearing fruit as we smile.


Casualties of passion
That's what we've become
My love so dark incited
And yours will be won

I stole you for desire
And took you as my bride
When love became insane
Your purity was lost to be mine

I love you
You stole my heart
I only live for you

I love you
Shelter from this pain
I would die for you

Pursuit of beauty
My thoughts are so cold
The deceit and deception
When love blinded my soul

Passion for desire
Taking over me
Raped you of life
Forgive me !

God's your witness
Looking over me
I'll suffer deeply
Forgive me !

Don't you die for my sins
I will follow to the end
Life was sweet for me then
Now I suffer for my sins

You're my way to the past
Death in life I won't rest
Love was mine lost again
Now I suffer for my sins

I made you suffer for my love
I took from you made you mine
I made you cry for my pain
I took from God defied his name

Tragedy of passion
What have I done
My love so enduring
And yours was never won


Sight is my crime
Pain is your life
Look in my eyes
See how I cry

Life of dreams - life of lies
Life of hatred - life diseased
Love is cold - cold as ice
Shatters dreams - shatters lives

Put your life into their hands
And they will make you understand
Put your life into their hands
And you will suffer at their command

Haunted eyes
Burn deep inside
Haunted eyes
Never live

Dare I weep - dare I mourn
Dare I have remorse at all
I look at this life in which I breathe
What have I given - misery

Visions in the dark
Visions in my dreams
The tears are flowing red
My eyes tell a tale
Of hatred and disease
Where children are slaugtered
And the innocent plead
The child - now dead
Buried - now rest
My eyes tell a tale
Of misery - I won't rest


My body and my soul
Rhythm in motion
I have full control

One life - think about it
Your life - don't you want it
One life - don't abuse it
Your life - think about it

In my mind
Driving me wild
What thoughts lie
And what prevails

Mind within mine
What path shall we find
Mind within mine
What fortunes twist our minds

What is me and what am I
Why do I feel so unreal
What speaks me
And proves my while
Makes me fall
And makes me kneel

Mind within mine
What path do we take
Mind within mine
What directs the uncertain mind


Chains to my soul
And hatred pierces my heart as well
Reaching up towards the sky
Wishing that I could fly

Can you see the fire - splintered wings
Do you know the fear - splintered wings
Can you see the tears - splintered wings
Do you know the freedom - splintered wings

Fear to be free
And your heart stops and tries ti weep
Break the bonds
Stretch out your arms
Fly to be free

Shackles bring me down
Down to the ground
Monolithic thunder
Crushes me down
Bonds pulling tighter
Ripping me in two
Voices cry out louder
Laughter snaps me in two

Bonds bring me down
As I try to hold my ground
I realize now I have to fly
Before I burn and die


Life causes pain
Dreams are my gain
Lost to the few
Scream out the shame
Lost out on life
I have no choice
Infected fate
Lost to the grave

Life is a game
Dreams turn to shame
Lost out in time
Scream out the pain
Lost out of life
Have no rights
Pray to be free
Lost to the grave

If God really loved me
Take me in his arms
Cradle me to heaven
And take away the pain

An outcast redeem me
Protect me from this sin
Cradle me in heaven
And take away the shame

Reasons flood in the rain
Whispers turn out again
Banished to be alone
I see the pain inside grow

Hatred is what they wage
Blood reaks of disease
Banished to be alone
I see the pain inside grow

You made me pay
Watching my life slip away
My life now fades
My body wretched, wastes away
Innocent - I rot away
Wasted - You turn away


She cries out to the dead
Singing praise as they fell
Resurrection from the grave
An angel's kiss is what I crave

An angel's kiss is what I seek
To feel her skin next to mine
Resurrect me from my grave
Take me back to see my crimes

Take me back to what I was
To undo all my crimes
Follow me through my life
Making good all my ways

Take me back to what I am
Witness to all my crimes
Follow her till the end
Crying as I die again

An angel's kiss is what I seek
To feel her mouth next to mine
Kiss me now before I die
Take my hand and lead the way

Let me live my life again
Living for eternity
Amending my fallen ways
Letting sorrow turn to joy

Been searching for an angel
But been looking for some sin
Her face is pure as clearest water
Her eyes as deep as the ocean sea

Want to take her
And to love her
Embrace her
For eternity

An angel's kiss proves so cold
To hear her laugh in my soul
A witness to my misery
An angel's path is all I seek

Do we want to live forever
Do we want to suffer more
Do you want to live forever
Do you want to suffer more



Think about me
As I slip away
I am your brother
Don't let go of me

Moves so slowly
Across the open sea
Move a mountain
Medusa got a hold of me

Waves above me
Like a child's mind
I am now resting
Don't forget me

Heavy hearts - freele's in mine
Medusa calls - she's pushing me
Tragic dignity - awakens in me
Medusa calls - there's no humanity

Don't forget me
As you turn away
I am now resting
Don't think ill of me

Dream about me
Of how I died
I am your brother
Don't you try to lie

(Written by Discharge)


13.BURNING 1:05

(Written by Judas Priest)

Thanks to Clint Mansell (Pop Will Eat Itself),
Barney (Napalm Death) - vocals on "Never Again"
Shane (Napalm Death) - vocals on "Too Drunk To Funk"
Tony Mills (Slam), Andy Pike (Marshall Law) -
vocals on "Livin' After Midnight"

Cerebral Fix:
Tony Warburton
Gregg Fellows
Frank Healey
Simon Forrest
Kev Frost


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