Clandestine Blaze
Below the Surface of Cold Earth (demo)

1. Below The Surface Of Cold Earth

Below the surface of cold earth
In secret crypt
Corpse of young female victim
Dried and cold

Scent of death in the air
Gratification on altar
Of flesh and bones
Of our own kind
Cum on dead corpse

2. Weeping On The Cross

Cries under the torment
Weeping on the cross
Rusty nails penetrating the flesh
Punishment for the man

Once again
Shadows of the crosses
Darken the ground
Of holy soil

Punishment for humanity
Punishment for inhumanity
Never satisfy grotesque god
Never satisfy enlightened herd

3. Funeral Of Humanity

Last of the emotions
Have vanished in the dead world
Empathy died in slash of steel
Funeral of humanity
Funeral of humanity
Inside the cold dead minds
Funeral mass without sadness or regret
Funeral of humanity
Tears dried, laughter ended
Cold grin in face of living corpse
Hunt like animal, kills like animal, on the instinct
Funeral of humanity
Values and moral codes
Gone in the void of nihilism

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