Clandestine Blaze
Church Of Atrocity

1. Church Of Atrocity

Dwelling in the chamber
Surrounded by divine images
They invoke the visions of terror
They desecrate all that is good and holy

Lord needs no bowing down for showing obedience
Strength of atrocity possesses those meant to be
To worship the work of cursed of mankind
Like destiny to be fulfilled

Like crowds cheering in front of crucifix
Howling in arenas of blood and bones
Blessed with sight of dark perspective
Blessed with abundance of deeds to worship

Torment / Murder / Destruction
Abuse / Sadism / Terror
Oppression / Hatred / Dominance
Sickness / Disease / Atrocity

Altars of atrocity decorated with grotesque tropies
Shadow of horror can be seen from grainy icons
Created by missionaries of cursed mankind

Servants of Church of Atrocity
Howl the meditative chant
Stare for icons of grotesque beauty
And see lord divine

2. Ashes Of The Eternal Wanderer

Caged in unholy temples where
human life was revaluated
Cursed eternal wanderers who would
find their final earthly destination

Scorned in blazing furnaces of temples
Thrown in open massgraves
Burned till only gray ashes remind of their existence
Ashes of the eternal wanderer,
casting shadow over old continent

No home to be found beyond the temples of atrocity

3. Storm Of Purification

Too many nights have passed by
Nothing has been done
Urge for revenge is rising
Total storm of purification

Unbroken seal of unbroken contract
Shattered to pieces with declaration of war

There's nothing final to be achieved
There's nothing final to be won
But inborn urge for destruction of opposite forces
Too strong to be denied
Soldiers of unknown cause
Storm of purification

Unbroken seal of unbroken contract
Shattered to pieces with declaration of war

Insanity is the gift of the torch bearer
... fuel from divine source
Denying the rules of humane certainties
... raging storm of madness

When new dawn rises
and soldiers have returned to caves
Ruin and disaster so unspeakable
Never wish to be seen again
Acts of terror have spoken
with language sheep understand
Warnings can be believed
Or proven again by storm of purification

Unbroken seal of unbroken contract
Shattered to pieces with declaration of war

4. Last Morning Of Old North

Blow of new winds against your face
Cold rain no more cleanses northern soil
What never felt like yours, is recognized
Feeling of belonging arises when it's taken away

Last morning of old north
calling for its soldiers
Ahead is unknown times
where becoming slave of the enemy

In these shadowed woods and bright lakes
Lives spirit of Nordic beast
Still burning deep in the chest
Suffocated by the victories of the enemy
Denied by its own traitors, willful slaves

How long the beasts will be sleeping?

5. Frozen Angel

Her dead eyes look into oblivion
Lips slightly open with fragments of bloody teeth
Still attached
Cold light grey skin with only few stains of blood

If only I could let her be
and forget what I found under the dress
But her destiny was to fall
into hands of true servant
And live for eternity
through rituals yet unseen
Proceeds in odor of melting frozen skin

Her remembrance
Her precious beauty
Her route into
Her sainthood

Her martyrdom
For whole femininity
Her mortal sainthood
Key to the eternal life

Frozen angel

6. Unforgiven Acts

Lured to unforgiven act
Into atrocious crimes
Forbidden abuse
And repulsive sins

They are Trembling,
Under the hand of the true libertine
Beyond good and evil
Seeking carnal ruin

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