Clandestine Blaze
Deliverers of Faith

1. Beyond The Reason

Cold flesh in the dark gutter
Bound, gagged, and destroyed
Once again abused in secrecy
Scorned in the insane fire
Fire of ultimate will
Fire of the logic, under command
Houses of lord in blaze of destruction
Charred icons tainted with blood, seed and feces
Blasphemed holy construction
Altar in front of mentally tortured herd
Veil of damnation covers the mind
Beyond the reason
Beyond the explanation
Herd remains speechless in front of devastation
Demanding logic, demanding reason
Never able to see, never able to understand
Insanity of ultimate will
Veil of damnation covers the mind
Beyond the reason
Beyond the explanation

2. Psychopathia Sexualis

So fragile is the earthly domain of human life
Much it wriggles in agony
When shadow of evil will is laid upon it
It's destiny was to be broken to pieces, to be torn by the power of deathlust
It is the clandestine fire, burning inside, feeding the evil will
Burning and scorning until it needs to be manifested
Lust sickness, for evil will
Blood runs among the tears, when flesh is used like...
Carving the manifest in living skin
Clandestine lust, seeking pleasure from suffering humanity
Leaving signs of degraded humanity, to haunt among the herd
There are beasts among you.

3. Winter Of White Death

Ancient fears has returned
To minds of folk
In the glare of burning woods
Hiding from biting white death
Fullmoon on the blackness
Glowing in deadly clarity
Frozen worlds
Touching with life-ending spikes
Stiffening corpses
In grip of white death
Burying the weak
Under veil of frost
World has humans collapsed
Ancient fears has returned
Winter of white death...

4. Falling

Digged yourself into deepest pits
Suffered with self inflicted diseases
Scorning yourself with depravity
Sinking further into lies and betrayal
Another flame burned
To dark charred remains
Another servant giving up and failing
To demands of purity
Sworn obedience for who you curse in secrecy
In the world of shadows
Darkness grows
Might of Christ is fading
Adversary has won!
Adversary sitting high on his throne
Watching the children of god waging war on themselves
Reflecting of evil watching in your mirror
Shadows growing in your fading light
Burning eye, wide open to see the falling.

5. Tormented

Once more hunt begins
Lusting for the trophies
Visions and feelings of sheep
Certified in front of their adversary
Pleasures of confusion
Seed of tormenting nightmares
Sparks of uncomfortable fire
Scorching unprepared purity
The tormented and tormentor
Infected and deliver of the disease
Once been hunted
Now forwarding the judgement

6. Grave Of Gratification

Like demonized creatures
Screaming with lunacy inducing voices
Obsessions of possessed mind
Leads to shadows of graveyards
Holy soil lures to be tainted
Purity demands for balance
Stones of remembrance
Invokes wish to pursue carnality
So innocent must have been
The child of God
Who was taken so early
So much pain and depression
She delivered to world
While laying deep in the holy soil
No man is witnessing
moments of joy and degrading
Grave of gratification stands as monument
Of clandestine blasphemy between man and fragile god

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