Clandestine Blaze
Falling Monuments

1. Unfolding Madness

Experience of the world around,Hazardously cut open by sharp surreal perception
This rotting corpse plagued by disease. So limited, so unreal, so distant
Floating in cold dimensions of possession, Watching the inhabited shell in disbelief
Madness unfolding in mind, seeking ways of blossom in full
Is it path to enlightenment? Or route to final disorder?
Shattering Physical world - Unfolding madness.
Witnessing what sane can't see, Passing the gateways beyond humane
Feeding the damaging current, drowning in the merciless stream.

2. Possession Of Nordic Blood

Descent of the Nordic bloodline
tied to undefined heritage,reclusive,suffocated,
possessed wind.
Grinning from shadows
Looking the world through possession of the Nordic Blood
Fuelled by nectar of possession
Ready to fight with fury
World calls for submission and change
Nordic blood retreats nowhere
Feed the fury
Call the victory
Nordic blood retreats nowhere.

3. The Call Of Warrior

Burning will leaves no peace
The call demands response
Role is gift, the way out
From maggoty apathy.
Answer the call to the battlefields
In times of mental emptiness
The Code of the Warrior
Dedication to accepted role.
To seek no reason for losing
To seek no reason for apathy
Legacy of pride!
Triumphant glory running in blood!
End of our times means nothing
Divine quality of creed is curse and blessing
Answers it provides strength it manifests
The end shall make no difference!

4. Melancholy Of The Falling Monuments

The great signs stood tall in breeze
Monuments from the past
Outliving the failing memories
Reaching state of divine gateway to consciousness
In awe would man watch towards the skies
Seeing rough edges of monument
As firm silhouette against decaying world
Himself standing in cold shadow, meaningless and forgotten.
All man made to be crumbled
All turning into dust blown away by winds
Erosion consuming dirt
Manifestation of Iconoclastic power of natural might!
Melancholy of the falling monuments, dirt road towards the void
Melancholy of the falling monuments, echoes of connection slowly silenced.

5. Bloodsoil

As I walk through the forgotten lands
The Bloodsoil speaks to me
Awakening Clandestine spirit
Connecting with unknown greatness.
Thorns and textures of Life and Death
Deafening natural silence.
Voices from unseen sources
Stimulating the senses.
In distance, so far away from corruption of modern world
So close is the Bloodsoil of your Heritage
Where greatness of man
Remains inferior to land he was born from

6. Horizon Of Ego Annihilation

Seen the annihilation in Horizon.
Been on the edge of cathartic purification
Strife of the worlds colliding - Ripping self apart.
Distracted wreck crawling to directions of blind man
Unable to see victorious path!
Unable to go through transformation!
It awaits, it demands
It commands for the sacrifice.
So little to give so close to go
Horizon of Annihilation ahead
The birth as new life form
Higher than glorified shell
All has been given up
Now nothing stands on the Way!

7. Endurance Of Supremacist Ritual

Endless return to path chosen long ago
Rituals unseen and unheard
From shadows of tragic loss to triumph into highest form
Endurance of Supremacist Ritual
Shadow consuming the deception of Lifeforce
Draining all once taught as necessity
Leaving only Spiritual Skeletal form
To annihilate ego of man
To die in mind of oneself
To leave only possessed spirit.
To rise from the grave of meaninglessness
To Deliver Supremacist Might
Over swarming insects
Endurance of Supremacist Ritual
Shadow consuming the deception of Lifeforce.

8. Discordant Howls Of Tormented

Beauty of texture of Blood over tainted surface
Fresh reflections of desperation in the mirrors of soul
Already seen the hopelessness of stepping on other side
Already received taste of awaiting void
Organic structures treated as sculpture for the grotesque needs
Every detail painfully adjusted to serve the purpose of Icon of Worship.
Beauty of texture of blood over tainted surface
Fresh reflections of desperation in the mirror of soul
Already seen the hopelessness of stepping on other side
Already received taste of awaiting void
The grotesque choir is the Gospel for sinister ears
Martyr of the Ritual. Sacrificial Sculpture.
Only the call of funeral bells will set her free
Only being swallowed by cemetery soil will put end for the howls.

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