Clandestine Blaze
New Golgotha Rising

1. Evocation Under Starlit Sky

Darkened sky remind of
ancient strenght
We observe symbols emerge
We can only guess
what these symbols meant
to our fore fathers
but we can certainly feel
what they meant to us
In our veins
call of blood demands:

DEATH to infidels
DEATH to forces of false gods

In awe we breath the freezing air
when formations
rise from horizon
Our eyes glare the Light
of times long gone
Radiation from the other
realms that exist no more
Under starlight we howl
free of spells of
distant deserts

Those under spell of zion
still tails between their legs
Hide their faces in fear
when our teeth are exposed

Our god answers to no one
We can only gain from its
unending hostility
Conflict with long lusted
pleasures of little men
and divinity of higher Order

Divine force
yet to be understood by men
Answers no prayers
of feeble inferior species
Those seeking the place
in service of false gods
Who slowly approach
ultimate extinction

This mercy can appear only as
blessing of Death

We can see its symbols emerge
in eternal glare
We certainly feel
what it means to us

DEATH to infidels
DEATH to forces of false gods

2. Fractured Skull

Looking directly at fractured skull
with hole of bullet in forehead
In meatless sockets one can sense
relief and tranquility

Liberation throught Death

Found its place within
dirt covered massgrave
among many of his kind
Became one with this world
he so much felt not to belong

All existential questions

3. Consumed by Flames

World transformed into inferno
Everuthing dissapears in flames
Air escapes burning lungs
No escape from raging hell

Consumed by flames
Fire rains from the sky
Vaporized men
Clouds of ghoustly ash
above the ruins
No cave deep enough
to offer savlation
Restless storm of apocalyptic force

No escape from scorning hell
Raging storm of fire
Unseen force of destruction
Ash cloud settling over
ghastly ruins of annihilation

4. New Golgotha Rising

Rebulid the site of crucifixion
on top of mountain of skulls
Genocide laid foundation
for new sacrosanct order

Return to days of toment
Punishment for insurrection

The days of shame and humiliation
Fiercely crushing the enemy
New sacrosanct order
Mighiest Force

New Golgotha rising...

5. Culling Species

Look the icy eyes of devils
who gaze you - weak disease
Parasite sucking lifeforce
from gost that no longer
feels strenght or pride
nor will to stand against disease
barely even instinct
of sirvival of species

Awake the nature of beast
assault enemies
Take pleasure of duty
of crushing vermin

The few that stood up and hailed
almost malicious creed
Philosophy of destroing
to reborn from ashes and create
Live and die in worship of the one
force that promises little
and guarantees none

When the battle is over
men fulfilled their needs
to glorify streanght by
culling of species
Cycle of deterioration
begins from remaining seed
Parasites always present
like unwanted weeds

6. Passage to New Creed

Powerless in front of magnitude
Meaninglessness as fate
So many questions unanswered
So many questions to ask

Detachment leads to fulfilment
Observation from distance
Learning to dictate not ask
Learning to give up to gain

HAIL the spirit
HAIL the force
Creed of struggle
shall be the law

We storm to this existence
prepared to fall
We wage the war
with no intent to win
Flesh will bend
make finest sculptures
New forms of life
celebration of death

Passage to new creed

Set of values
we bow for
will burn their world to ruins
Masters we hail
not seen for aeons
but always near
our nordic heats

7. Final Hours of Sacrifice

Glare in the end of dark tunnel
Light dances on rough surfaces
of their pale skin
They could not remember
how travel to distant lands
lead them here
They could not grasp the brightness

Blinding rays of white light
So warm it tingles
every slowly moving limb
So bright
darkness turns into blinding light

In horror they awake
to deafening sound of explosion
To face torment
beyond imagination
Cruel world of final hours

There used to be
fanfare ringing in their ears
Flags flying high in breeze
Proud men side by side
storming to victory after another

In horror they live through
dismay of ultimate pain
Facing torment beyond imagination
Cruel world of final hours

Now only sadness filled their eyes
when they saw color of
take over their limbs
Sacrifices all too great
if only one to ride to triumph
was death itself

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