Clandestine Blaze
Night of The Unholy Flames

1. Chambers

Living Flesh On The Row
Heading Towards Certain Death
Chambers Full Of Zyklon-B
Ready For Mass Extermination

Sheep Without Will To Fight
Illusion Of Salvation
They Have Submit To The Destiny
Holocaust Of The Weak

Gas Among The People
Exposes True Raw Nature
sacred Beliefs Forgotten
Bestial Side Of Man Revealed

In Chambers Full Of Zyklon-B
christians Cry For jesus
In Chambers Full of Zyklon-B
jews Cry For god

2. Cross Of Black Steel

Crown of barbwire
tearing open wounds
dripping blood blinding eyes
Frenzy Crowd Screaming Insults

cross of black steel on sholders
chackles with nails inside
body hanging on the cross
from pierced wrists

Every self proclaimed christ
In torture show for our pleasure
Messangers of unreal
live in shadow of Cross of Black Steel

3. Night Of The Unholy Flames

This Is Our Night
Act Of Ultimate Blasphemy
Hatred, Violence And Retribution
Misanthropic Strike Against holy Symbols Of Life

Glare Of church Burning In Dark Night
For Victims No Way Out
christian elders And parishioners
Scream Of Fear And Agony

Synagogas And Temples
Church’s Buildings
All Set In Fire During the Night
Nothing Is To Be Saved

Stench Of Burning Human Flesh
Prayers For The Deaf Ears
Infernal Flames Destroying The Holy
And Torturing Humans To Death

Night Of The Unholy Fires
Nightmare Of The Believers
Turned Into Ugly Reality
Ultimate Act Of Blasphemy

Ultimate Blasphemy To Celebrate Victory
Victory Of Mans Strenght
Victory of Mans Will
Agains Pathetic Dead christ

4. Invisible Death

Hidden In The Clouds
Floating In The Air
Invisible Bringer Of Death
Death Of Human Population

Hidden In Cold Winds
Drifting Through The Landscape
Freezing Death Breath
Of Lethal Power

Breath Of Life Turns
Into Breath Of Death
Last Bits Of Life Force
Grasped By Eternal Darkness

Fields Of Corpses
Cities Of Death
Grotesques Results
Of Deadly Disease

Terror Of Invisible Death
Deserted Civilization
Centuries Backwards
Landmarks Of Mans Evolution

Growing Knowledge
Growing Body Count
Lethal Winds
Landmark Of Mans Evolution

5. There’s Nothing...

I open my eyes
there’s nothing I can see
except the blood dripping knife
on my own hand

I sniff the air
there’s nothing I can smell
except the stench of human corpse
which lays on the ground

I touch the flesh
there’s nothing I can feel
except wounds of sliced body
coldness of the dead

6. Aikakausi On Lyhyt

Haavoittuvat kehot Pyhien kaapujen peitossa
suojautuen eläimellisyyden kiroukselta
alistuvat mielet valheiden kirjan lumouksessa
pyhä sokeus pelastukseen johdattajana

Kristuksen sanansaattajien pyhä lupaus
Uskon luoma illuusio jatkuu jälkipolvien kirouksena
Voima symbolien traditioissa
valheen muodostama väärä-totuus ohjenuorana

messiaan aikakausi on lyhyt mutta ei ole aikaa odottaa
minun aikani on nyt

Kiiltelevien terien alla silvottu ruho
jumalan huoran kasvot jähmettyneenä
tuskan tuomaan irvokkaaseen ilmeeseen
kristuksen sanansaattajat lävistetty omiin krusifikseihinsa

Helvetti ja taivas on maan päällä
Minä luon oman maailmani

7. Future Lies In Hands Of The Strong

The slaves And servants
The followers And masses
Meaningless And Undedicated
Weak And Degenerated
Strenght Of Individual
Power Of The Mind

Ones Ideology Is Ones Truth
Philosophy And Action
It Holds The Mightiest Power
Future Lies In Hands Of The Strong!

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