Deathspell Omega
Split with Clandestine Blaze

1. Clandestine Blaze -
Will to Kill

Thoughts are obsessing the mind
Like the haunting demons
They never let you
Drown in Damnation of common man

Thoughts of homicide
Plans for murder
Everywhere I go
Comes inspiration to kill

Will for this awaken by surroundings
The miserable mankind
Thoughts possessing in silence
Strategies for mass-extermination

Will to kill
Will to eliminate the man
Satisfaction from ending life
Of someone you hate
Someone you deeply despite
And look down in disgust

2. Clandestine Blaze -
Blasphemous Lust

Grotesque, bizarre, blasphemous lust
Possessed by perversion
Following the bizarre instinct
To holy places, sanctuaries of weak

Baptizing them in the name of perversion
Blasphemous lust of anti-creation
Seed of wasted life
Desecrating the holy purity

3. Clandestine Blaze -
Raping the Innocent

Birth of innocence
Continuation of life
Curse of breeding
Sickness of pro-creation

Soft flesh stretching
Force tearing it to pieces
Innocent blood fuck
Raping the innocent

No more human breeding
Lifeless meat fucked to pieces
The end of human life
Raping the innocent to death

4. Clandestine Blaze -
Genocide Operation

Destroyed, humiliated, killed still while alive
Skeletal bodies, eyes full of emptiness
Stench of death floating over moist soil
Where creatures dig graves for themselves

You lead to the death and creatures will follow
Will and power of mind exists no more
Cut their wrists and command to lie in grave
And their own do the rest

Buried bodies, piled corpses
Burned filthy flesh
Charred remains of the children
Mutilated corpses of women
Crushed bodies of men
Altogether, like garbage
Just like they are,
Just like they are…

Lead them to death and they will follow
You command and they submit
No glory, no victory, nothing.
Genocide operation, wiping out the worthless.

5. Deathspell Omega -
Bestial Orgies

In forgotten crypts and chapels, our diabolical feasts are arranged. On the dirty ground we paint the sign, the great symbol of evilness. The Devil takes delight in orgies, we take pleasure till death. The soul of the victim must be pure to humiliate it with carnal vices, then it rots in Hell forever. Debauchery is an art in which there is no law, except to satisfy Satan, the Lord of all blasphemies. Agonizing and dead human beings lie down in sperm and blood. An intense fornication and unbearable tortures rape your flesh and mind until you ask for your death. Remember the whore called Mary, her vagina was soiled by the King of depravity, He took her virginity. Innocence and holiness disappear as we copulate. Now it’s time to sacrifice and the screams are getting louder. The final sodomy is done with long silver knives. The humans are dead but now they suffer in the Underworld.

6. Deathspell Omega -
The Suicide Curse

Many spells and rituals exist to create curses but there is one for mankind’s obliteration. Life is slowly fading as we sacrifice ourselves. The vermin prevalence must come to an end. Every year one of us must die. Our dark souls are a gift to Satan. Tonight it’s my turn to commit suicide but I’ll bring thousands of humans with me. Generations of satanic hordes passed away for this cause, breeding a catastrophe, or a genocide and other massacres. No one knows this curse. When it is complete, the planet will burst. When my soul comes before the Gates, my King will make me become a Demon. Invisible for everyone, I’ll spread an utter terror and kill as much as I can. I will be the breath of Hell, a small and short piece of the awaited Armageddon. I’ll come back to my dimension waiting for the next step of the malediction. And inside the church, fire surrounds me, yet I stay silent. An immeasurable feeling of hate and destruction is transcending my spirit. Now my trip begins, now I am unleashed, now you have to die.

7. Deathspell Omega -
Seal of Perversion

It is engraved on our flesh, the almighty sign of evil. The symbol of extreme beliefs, the seal of perversion. We need the weak human race to give them pain and death. All that is called a sin have always been within ourselves. Decadence and sadism will be our fate but yours too. We're the sick bastards of Satan, the guardian of this knowledge. He showed us everything from lust to cruelty. It is a real orgasm when we torture people. Death is always a delight, we're addicted to your agony. Vomiting on your cross and all other humanist emblems, kneel down before the satanic wrath, suffer in this world and beyond. Call your pagan or holy deities to amuse ourselves before the carnage. Our sign is the pentagram, the mark of the superior race ; we don't choose victims because of their skin for we will burn it anyway... Hatred is boundless, always trying something new, creating inhuman savagery, a morbid game for this shame called life. Corpses are piled up, rotten flesh all over the ground, an intoxicating smell, essential for the invocations. We are possessed by a madness that makes us so vicious and depraved. By water, air, fire and earth, and by Satan, let the chaos begin.

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