Buttoxin' Bloom (2002)

1. Leaving Mexico
2. Hyperventilating
3. Manic
4. Depeche Express
5. Oversized
6. Johnny Good
7. Cheesed
8. Push Me Down
9. Go To Hell
10. Fuckrock
11. Sonic
12. Tits & Champagne
13. Another Good Emotion

1. Leaving Mexico

hello again
long time no see
it's late again
been there done that
now we are back
yes it's true
we'll go again
for sure

it's nice we said hello
but now we're

leaving mexico

they keep on screaming no no

2. Hyperventilating

do you really make my day
do you really make my

no i
i don't care
no i
i don't care about the hype

they are all hyperventilating
life can be so much frustrating
just keep your expectations low
quid pro quo

3. Manic

we keep on drowning in average baby
we keep on sailing the seas

we keep on drowning in average baby
we keep on drowning at ease

auh! I don't know what to do
it is the apocalypse coming dude

4. Depeche Express

as always i can't find sleep
watching t.v.
pretend to read
noone can help me anymore
i couldn't listen, cause i'm bored

unpossible to shut the eyes
as long they hum and sin
as long the bastards sit and grin
the shit will roll right in baby

creep, creep, creeping
ugly creeping

5. Oversized

we're gonna rest until we get orders
erictile tool here just to support us

your final request
raise your pretty face against the cruelest
hide your merrits
wanna be anniversary

rivals slain
purple rain
erected once again
join us on this trip at the brain

are you ready
can't wait to see you there
are you ready
really want to make it there
are you ready
fix your make up and your hair
are you ready
really gonna make it there

6. Johnny Good

old boy - young man
big girl - big plan

enjoyed - the big plan
grew old - young man

lost all - deal done
went fast - dead end run

money gone - big mistake
rising sun - bigger headache

go go johnny go!
go motherfucker go!

right - wrong - what - got it

no no johnny no!

7. Cheesed

k'mon paul
you'll get thru
we know you

is this all
it takes to
make you go

why do you stay
tell me any godamn reason why to stay

they're making plans about all things that you can not know
they're making plans about the capturing of han solo

now better run

8. Push Me Down

i would try it - no i talk shit
i just might like it - if it kicks

if it kicks - and it's no trick
i'd really like it - at least a bit

push me down
yeah push me down

up & down
it goes
all day
up & down
it goes

i swear on marijuana

9. Go To Hell

baby i'm coming
baby i'm coming

got it?
you got it?
got it?
you got it?

i gottagotta go
i gotta go
to hell

the place to get me well
it's that i simply like the smell

10. Fuckrock

i'm really tired of all
so bored of yourself
i can't smile anymore
yes we are finished at all

fuck you/that too!


11. Sonic

everything that i got
is everything that you want
everything that i got
is everything that you fucked (up)

the little that you see
is nothing to believe
high - high - higher ground
turn - turn - turn around

you wouldn't get it if you'd tried
no chance to get it if you'd cried
simply forget it and go home
just keep on resting good ole bone
don't you believe it's time to leave
there's nothing left you could receive
maybe you'd get it if you'd tried
maybe you'd get it if you'd cried

12. Tits & Champagne

they keep on playing your song

back for good
vodoo club
what the fuck

tits & champagne
the acid rain
again & again

some have to dance - dance
some have to kill - kill
some have to...stop the thrill of neverending unpaid bills

13. Another Good Emotion

It's just another good emotion
Is just another good emotion

sick in the head
don't tell me what they've said
i know i'm sick in the head
i'm walking towards what is bad

sick in the head
it's just a matter of fact
that i'm sick in the head
walking towards what i'll never get
i keep on walking straight ahead

say no / what does it do
say no / what makes it work
say no / where did it lurk
you know / why does it hurt

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