Morphic Lands (demo)

1. Saltatio Lunaris (Moondance)

Welcome to our new Dianic world
Votary of the five pointed seal
Close your eyes, let me be your guide
Through the maze of more than real
Can you feel the gloom that covers me?

Stare into these darkbred eyes
And tell me what do you see?
For they show things that were
And things that are, and that yet may be

Is this a last goodbye?
We’re falling deeper into trance
My heart grows cold, a silent cry
This is our last dance

I am a nomad between worlds
A traveler of the tides
A reflection in still water
As my dead eyes gleam in the full moon light

Blessed be… all among us…
For I draw down the moon
Into myself, into us all

Now the time has come to gather
A full moon is calling for they who know
That the ceremony is about to begin
Come hither, it’s time to go

Where flames of desire eternally burn
For wisdom of ages never will learn
There’s more than meets the short-sighted eye
For every cause there’s a reason why

Festivals of fire, chants of false desires
In these moonclade skies
The threefold goddess cries for moondance

2. By Reflections Embraced

…And you were there
I felt your presence before
The blue glimmer appeared
It’s been a long time since we met
It’s still the same I always feared

Nothing has changed since
I cherish the same black thoughts
The same black space
Your blindness opened my bleeding eyes
And turned my precious love to age

And you were there
At the wrong moment in my domain
Where I became stronger
Where existence lasts longer
Where all vain turned to gain

Nothing has changed since
Still the day rises, still the night falls
Your silence opened my bleeding eyes
And turned my precious love to age

A mindstorm of several emotions
Has reached the point of no return
I’m on my way towards another within me
Now I’ve become a reflection of yours
Your consolation for my bleeding eyes

Your poisoned rose that cuts through my veins
Drags me to the darkness inside
From this untamable hunger I cannot run
I cannot hide but inside

Until we meet again
Can you face the one I am now
I’ve become a reflection of yours:
Your mirror image of consolation
And still my bleeding eyes see…

3. Within the Astral Gardens

A light at the end feels like a token
A sign in the disguise, the sandglass broken
As time becomes another grain on another beach
For another darken secret I will reach

Taste the sound of falling tears
Yet slowly kiss away the scream of fears
As reality becomes a backdoor to flee from a dream
Does it hurt to revive wherever you’ve been…

A black cloak with silver holes covers the sky
The watcher of fields, where fallen angels lie
Guarding the doors of times here after
Deceiving week minds to wicked laughter

Is this the garden where the restless dance?
Waiting for salvation or another chance
Gazing at stares, as the night passes through
Travel inside to regain the memory of you

So dance this waltz, with me and become
The missing link within our trinity
Let the incense fume, the garden bloom
As our black rose falls eternally

4. Morphic Lands

It’s been a thousand dreams ago
Since our last vision has been renewed
So push the veil aside
There, where two worlds collide
And enter our room with a view
Travel beyond these hills of dusk and dawn
To the kingdom that time forgot
On the enshrouded tower I stand
Looking onwards towards the morphic lands
As my friend, I tread the path of the gods

Deep within my inferno burning
Where the thought beckons the call obscure
As black as the colour of our walls
Shadow plays within our souls
And silence will be too loud to be heard

O, body sway to the music
O, glittering glance
Eluding from the wheels of time
I flow from my once rigid mind
So tell me…
How can we know the dancer from the dance?

I open my eyes, tears burn deep behind
I understand so much more of the way I feel
I know that grief must rust
As I yearn for all the loved lost
And it saddens me to awake in the world called real

So, my friends
Push the veil aside there
Where two worlds collide

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