Deadlock / Six Reasons to Kill
Deadlock vs. Six Reasons to Kill

A LITTLE SOLDIER was born right into the storm. he grew up like all the others brainwashed from the day of his birth. tied. beaten. mutilated. thrown into a hell on earth. but was this what he deserved. we have seen a THOUSAND SUNS over a thousand nights. we`ve walked through thousand worlds and followed a thousand lifes. but never before we watched a life so beautiful and so pure. should he follow his heart. they knew right from the start. that he was more than this human life. and that he was the one the innocent waited for to arrive. they gave him the chance to join their crimes and to become part of their earth-killing-machinery. and if he would fit perfectly. they could give him the crown. and make him king of their artificial world. but overwhelmed by the desire to end this exploitation. but he knew that words were uneffective and his tears could not end the slaughter. so he decided to bring back the war. a war against the rapers of nature. that`s why he began to strive for retaliation. to shatter mankinds` perverted supremacy. and he promised to give his life to bring them liberation and to purify himself of the guilt. to show them that there is no honor among the thieves of others lifes he will not only kill. he will not only kill. one of them like a bee. he will kill their whole hive. and so he paced around from side to side. and began to pray with his arms open wide. he prayed for the rescue-party from the dead. not longer will to fell his dread. and soon the darkened sky opened for several times. and flashes of lightning began to burn down their lies. so he caused that the first of these bastards died. and he still prayed on with his arms open wide. he said death is now set without any regret. and no matter how many of you have to die. i will kill you and your bible AN EYE FOR AN EYE. but he was all alone and his fellows on erth were to weak. and the enemies were millions and started to seek for him. to show him their might and their cruelty. and by chance they would kill him that night. and they found him and tried to break his pride. but he stood there smiling and prayed to his gods with his arms open wide. i entered your realm unseen. silent and calm. i dared to cause this war. now let me die therefore. out of the depth of their world he cried to the lord. and he knew that he would die. when he reached for his sword. with a thousand against one no battle can be won. and after hours of fighting he died under the sun. and they nailed him to the cross. he was crucified. they hammered one nail in his feet and nails in his arms open wide. he came to his lord and layed down to sleep with his arms still around his sword. and if they will wake him once again by mistake whorship or embrace. he will come like drumming thunder and along with him THE END OF THE WORLD. with a thousand against one that battle will be won. and after hours of fighting he will win under the sun. to be continued...

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