Deadly Carnage
Chasm (ep)

1. Night Was the End

You see me being free
A spark in a funeral mist
Dead turf, an island of the earth
Floating away, carrying my last words

Everything’s more
Unborn freak of a whore
Scars and a caress
My sight’s torn apart
As I watch you bury your heart
What can the pyre do to ourselves?

Dust is whirling around me and I see
Constructing an epitaph to my soul
My thoughts rest in a hole

Where do you go with your art?
Your lips are cracking and tears turn to scars!
Your bed waits your sickness of time

2. Hole of Mirrors

Deep in us, all lost souls
My head is drowning in a hole
Hands stop bleeding, colours weep
Bleached tears, that’s all I can see

The dust covers… and now it’s dawn
Some strangers are waking at the call
Armies of mannequins
Their hisses still knocking on the glass

Gloomy days are waiting
Behind red tears, awaken

I’m leading life away
Consumption of today
This life is mine and I’m her own prey

As I’m leading life away, consumption of today
This life is mine, I’m her own prey
Sleeping there, chasing them

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