Deadly Carnage

1. Drowned Hope

Trails of mind on hallowed ground
My time feels when I'll be found
In the center of the storm
Far away, with time

As the train's running with my precious soul
I can feel the wounds
Bleeding inside
Inside myself
On Earth

Past brings me down
As my body crawls around
Past suffocates all lights
As dark as my first night
I could feel the wounds
Bleeding inside
In the centre of the eye

Past suffocates all light
As dark as this lonely night

Once it seemed so clear
All pain and fears never appeared
My days are drowning
Drowning in the ruby sea

I forgot the face of death for so long
And now again sitting beside me
But I know it will be true
I can be myself once again
Maybe for eternity
Forever by sorrow...

2. Dome of the Warders

From now on we are strangers
In a foreign land
In a mournful world
I'm an outlander searching for all
Trying to light my view
Through this mist...

How can you imagine rebirth
When all of our sins are the laws
As we slit the throaths of ourselves
And the blood's staining the fields
When new life will grow in sorrow
The cycle repeats and will repeat forever
Since the time begin
In silence, permission, systematic torture
Hiding from the pleasure's horrors
Dome of the warders

We grow pain from our loss
Warm breath still lead to death

Could you decide to take this life
That you can't even understand
For rules through centuries
We breed fire hand in hand

3. Carved in Dust

Awaken in the land of grey
Headless crown carved in dust
Slaves ascend to the throne
Butchers hide from their preys

Engraved in the palace at dusk
Awaken in the circle of faith
As wrinkles of sorrow cross my face
Your beauty warms my soul just like grace

Fragments of present and future

I hope this is our last time on the Earth
In this damned place

Engraved in the palace at dusk
As wrinkles of pain cross my soul

I hope this is our last time on this Earth

Fragments of present and future
In this future I hope this is our last time
On the Earth
On this Earth

4. Beneath Forsaken Skies

Blissful visions of tomorrow
The day I've seen in your eyes
Just a moment lost by sorrow
And again my dim heart cries
Now I'm falling
I'll see you there
And my thoughts away like flies
Visions of beauty
Heavenly flourescent hills

All will melt

I will change it all
Raise my hand
Deceive my fate
Crying with no blasphemy, heavenly
The sky seems so bright from here
While I sit on the side of
This fuckin' damned sun, scorched

In my dreams I often wonder heaven

In my tomb I can find eternal peace
I'm imprisoned but my prison keeps me warm
My loneliness could soffocate all
But the memories of her smile, of her voice
Of her beauty

I don't know if I go to this one alive
But life will be forever beautifully blinding
The memories of her face and the tears
In this empty room

Blissful vision of my sorrow
And I fall here

5. Il ciclo della forgia

Ti hanno insegnato come pensare
Per cosa morire
Striscia dentro ombre di cemento
Accarezzi le catene
Che ti squarciano le carni
Inverno dopo il ciclo della forgia
Esala la tua vita che danza tra le fiamme
L'opera, illusione!

L'inizio di un sonno
La fine dei nostri sogni

Li vedi marciare
Fieri di strisciare
Oltre i tuoi giorni
Attendi la risposta

Sudore, carne e sangue
Per la tua tomba di metallo
Ti attende tra la nebbia
Delle braci, dell'impero
Dormi e spera di ignorare
Una pietra senza luce
Un fuoco, ed i nostri sogni!

L'inizio di un sonno
La fine dei nostri sogni
Inverno dopo inverno
Il ciclo della forgia non si ferma
La tua vita si consuma tra le fiamme
Ora sai per cosa morire
Attendi la tua risposta

6. Electric Flood

Fire crawl up their walls
After all bodies will silently fall
No one walks the dead turf
No one walks behind
Rise above
No one walks the burning dead turf
Blood and flesh scorched electric
Sons all burned, still burning
On the south of celestial palace
And beyond the doors of the...
Rise above

Scorched by time but still burning
After a life, so pure the awakening
Everybody newborn with a gift
And freedom of grow as slave

We are free
To be enslaved
Pleasures of blood red tyrants
Every season in the boiling abyss
Sorched by time but still burning
After a life, so pure the awakening

Electric flood
Tear down the wall

7. Manthe

Nothing to everything
Reforms from ash
As time, as thoughts
Everything from no one
Forgotten as silence returns

The wind blows from afar
And it caresses my skin
We can remain here a little longer
Watching at the skies stained by clouds
Gazing at the sun my anthems to light

The wind blows form the depths of cosmos
And it scratches my mind, I can see all melt
Hope is the last gift before we wave to each other
She gazes at every tear from above
As the raindrop could fill a river
And she prays for every leaf
I can remember those days
When everyday we looked at the pearly surface
And we used to be sad, watching at the sky
Those days are gone but they can return
The river will become an ocean
My anthem to light begins
Those days when we used to sleep
Under a sky unstained of clouds

Now, seasons passing by, and my mind will melt
The wind once so burning
Hope is the last gift before we wave to each other
Before we'll be washed away
In the river to the ocean

I've made my choice, I'll remain here
For so long
Everything from no one
Forgotten as silence returns

No spoken words no requiems 'cause the source's not sacred raping without mercy just for the feast of the supremist stored like corpses the voices resound as the innocent loses his life and all memories the whole society seems to judge them but in itself it forgets the tortures how cruel could be silence hipocrisy who sets the rules is this a butchery hell on earth we are the slaves and the prison keepers of the fortress of silence and the requiem

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