Deadly Carnage
Noise of War, Noise of Doom (demo)

1. Noise of War

2. Deadly Carnage

The dusk descend on the last ruin
Smell of burning fleshes in the air
Blood that wet our lips
The sound of the Death in the ear.

Nothing count main of a life today
Men that crawl on the floor like worms
Nothing is like the death today
Deadly carnage, deadly carnage.

Corpses stored like animals
Blood and bowels under the boot
Bodies reduced in shapeless masses
The smell of death is in the air.

Atrocious screams lacerate the fleshes
The smell of the ruin on our hairs
At the dawn the blood will paint the ground
Deadly carnage, deadly carnage.

The last ruin in flames too
A massacre that smells sick
The winners will drink blood and will eat
Uman fleshes at the end of the day.

This slaughter is made
In the name of a Blasphemous god
The bodies of the infidels will be impaled
Deadly carnage, deadly carnage.

Today the carnage is the unique law
Tomorrow will be the reason of the grave
The unclean and affected blood will squirt on faces
Will drink blood at the dawn of new day.

Hanged corpses lighted at sunrise
Purulent blood that flow under feet
The massacre is made and sacred
Deadly carnage, deadly carnage.

3. Unholy Hymn

We intone the unholy hymn.

Let us unite beneath nocturnal sky
Screaming our unholy hymn
Cling we trough the barbed wire
Tormented by our nightmares
We contemplate the corpses of the massacre
Soaked in blood and slush
We sing blasphemous words
Jesus christ cradled from blasphemys.

We look the sons of the sin
That make their abominable actions
We intonate the unholy hymn
While the man eats his ouw flesh
We intonate the unholy hymn
While the man fucks the devil’s whore
We look the sons of the sin
We intonate the unholy hymn.

The sky closes becoming black
Blood rains on the putrified corpses
The faith brought to ruin
Burst every limitations
We sing the unholy hymn at the top of our voice
The smell of nothing rise to sky
The corpses lie eviscerated
Like non-human coverings.

We intonate the unholy hymn.

We intonate every sin.

The victorious man and the devil’s whore.

The faith is vanished.

We intonate the unholy hymn.

We intonate every sin.

The corpses will feed this earth with their body.

A new age has begun.

4. I Commanded Death's Touch

Human fury is over
And i walk alone
I look around and marvel
At corpses at the last ruin

I commanded death's touch
And the evil hand
Now empty like phantom
I remember the taste of war

The smell of the blood
And the burning flesh was around me
The notes of the batle's in reverentbrated in eternity
A damned ghost has vome
To torment my dreams

It accompanies me
In the Death's vision that i mostly wish
Enemy's corpses relive
To carry me in the nothing

The smell of death now is inside me
The and in near
A last gesture of my hand
Before i fall to the void

I find in front of my gaze
Death and the oblivion
My body will dangle
From a stick without fury

They will take my life
But the black flame
Will burn their souls

5. Noise of Doom

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