Deadly Carnage
Through the Void, Above the Suns

1. Quantum


2. Matter

Concrete dusts
they let it fall
exale the essence
the mother and her bones

Matter, makes us blind
Matter, made by
the essence of light

Grain of sand, matte then bright
what matters, bend space and time

makes us unite
makes us collide

Matter collide

I am the dusty breath
the cry of them

Falling dots
of cosmic soul
Matter collide
Collision materialize

There's no ground
where's no above
attraction is reign
of events, the storm

3. Hyle

Here they are
the pillars of every seen and unseen things
the fiery and burning water of existence
that no one can corrupt

Primordial heart
the path of all, invisible to draw
they see that line! lines made by their souls
their testament is a reborn

4. Cosmi


5. Lumis

Following a line
through the flows, streams of shine
giving birth of a unique medium
from a radiant, distant boiling sphere

Now through the streams of shine

For light
there's no
time, time!
a vision blinds my eyes

Light! Light!
rippled waves of the fuse hyle
now through the streams of shine

We are through the streams of shine
we are...
we are through streams of shine
we are through

6. Ifene

Istanti di cielo
in bilico, sui propri filamenti
tagliati dal velo
del fato immensi

Sospesi, in appena
ingenue frazioni
del respiro del cosmo

Ma loro non sanno
la trama della tela
è un albero
la chioma di stelle

Tra lucenti ruscelli
così distanti da me
scindo il tempo
in aurore

immobile, osservo...
frapposto nel tempo

7. Fractals


8. Divide

A frame of us, away from you
And I

I'm not in every time, no more
they left me bare of light
and devoid of sight

I'm not allowed no more
can't see what I left behind
and the choice makes me blind

I'm not allowed no more
I cannot shine, no more
I'm in the divide tonight

9. Entropia

through the void
above the suns

We are the eyes
that universe uses
to watch itself

through the void
above the suns

Take another breath...

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