DECEMBER MOON "The Source Of Origin"1996 Spinefarm Records

1. Exaltation Of Power (instr)
2. You Can't Bless The Damned
3. Nocturnal Transcendency
4. Winter Sunset (instr)
5. Black Millenium (instr)
6. The Apparation Of Mother Earth
7. Twinned With Destiny
8. An Empty Gesture

You Can't Bless The Damned
Villages died without survivors, death erupts in my eyes
The cattle roam, aimlessly, across the countryside
Crops rot in fields, for lack of hands to reap
The dead are thrown over Christian walls and lie in crumpled heaps...

In transit plague is held by mist
This hellish deed now they have kissed,
Where bodies fall in faith defeat,
The sacred ruin of Silent Street...

I'm overwhelmed by notion, my story thus unfolds
I gaze upon the obituary, a scroll to disenshroud
Mordibity of centuries, was never tolled
This pestilence manifested under a vanquished lord...

To the sounds of solemn prayer,
The deathbringers they came
Unfortunate laws of nature - leave us naked in the rain
No words of spells or act of strength,
Coould lift the damned nor sway the stench...

Little comfort for mind or soul in an era so surreal
A place I dream a mortal trace,
Calls from the dark, I see a face,
It's pain, it's fear, without a doubt I learn the past,
It's reaching out...

Rats run wild onto the street,
Strong escape, sick cleansed by heat,
Urban fire burns to the ground,
The hand of fate spreads through the town...

In light, things bear fruit and thrive,
In darkness, decay and die,
Remember, to retain insight,
What use are the lords of light...

White souls you'll burn!

Nocturnal Transcendency
I swoon as I ascend this lifeless body
Thoughts perish as I pass between worlds,
Confused I direct my eyes, perchance to see...
With sorrow I remember lost surroundings,
The taste of wonder collapsed to solemnity,
Meanings fade and wither in my unholy tomb

My abudance being my only regret,
Brighter than life yet infinity damned,
To be or not is no longer any question!
I bid welcome to the realm of conception
Unable to realise my bleak surroundings,
The further I reach, the darker I shine,
And nothing else reveals...

Exposing my force to swirling void,
Outstretched hands of no avail,
I yearn for none of this cold desolation
As I transcend my present state
Images of my former existence,
Return again to tease my being
I see despondency from my only portal...

Through helplessness I find security,
This conciousness is neverending...
As my minds eye twists into ecstasy
All is dark and dismally blessed...
In this castle I am lord,
And here I shall reign forevermore,
Tomorrows dreams... Sleep perchance to dream!

The Apparation Of Mother Earth
Here I omit how your pleasures are mine
How I have felt not seldom, in tempestuous time...

Give me sight beyond sight, and pleasure beyond pain
Knowledge beyond twilight realms
If night blackens with storm, will you caress me?
Or make a claim abode in distant winds?

Beneath some rock... I listen to the notes
The ghostly language of ancient earth
Thence did I taste the visionary power
And deemed not profitless those fleeting moods
They bring with them vernal promises,
...Of shadowy exaltation

The Spirit:
A correspondent breeze that gently moves
With quickening virtue my spirit is yours,
From my own passions to habitual thoughts,
Drink my life to breathe this philosophic song...

When night blackens with storm...
You will hear me call your name,
Amidst the sounds of wolves in troops
Along the bothnic main...

Twinned With Destiny
Here are your needs, it's time to fulfill
I ring the bells, I'm removing your will
The answers in the hand, but the question still remains,
My eyes are upon you, my presence fills the air...

In perfect time with earthy pulse,
We dance the plains together as one
Forever entwined in opulent dreams,
We continue life's onward journey.
Ageing with glory to wither with beauty,
Obsessions of lust succumb to yearnings of death,
The light of the August sun...
Fades to a December Moon...

The veil of desire has bound us by our souls,
Blinded us with it's light.
Yesterday then tomorrow,
The tragic past always slippin' away,
A withering rose, a symbol of what once was
My memories... amount to ashes of centuries

Here are your needs, it's time to fulfill
I ring the bells of perpetual bliss
The answers in the hand (It's in the hand)
Looking upon through ebony eyes,
Abate godforsaken strains...
By my name, by my nature,
Oh you're such easy prey!

An Empty Gesture
I'm greeting my disciples, with a promise by my side,
To raise this bloody kingdom,
From beneath it's crimson tide...
My Suffolk blood doth boil,
To notions that hath been redeemed,
For it is time to claim back,
What was once this kingdom's dream...

The glory of wealth remains sold,
The code of wisdom depends how it's told,
For nature largely she receives, nor so is satisfied
In solitude, at the ruins of a shrine,
The weak served the strong yet the blind led the blind,
Where the will for penance is fullfilled...

I bid sentence welcome in it's paramount decree
For it is more deserving than the fleeting whim of dreams
That rest unnamed among the chronicles of kings,
But the skirmish of repugnance carries on...

Subordinate knights of bone and blood,
Of fear and cursed rule...
Who dares to view this foul regime,
My throne, my mothers womb...
Behold the ways of mother earth,
That burdens servile tasksm
My destiny does hunt me as my throne becomes my tomb...

Like a false lord who hath received,
And renders nothing back.

From fallaceness, from vain perplexity,
Unprofitably I travel toward the grave...

Additional vocal on "The Apparition Of Mother Earth" by Rachel
Additional orchestration by Mags
All music and lyrics by December Moon

"When you hear music, after its over its gone in the air.
You can never capture it again" - Michiel de Ruyter, 1964

--== Taken from Roman Isakov's lyrics collection ==--

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