Denial Of God
Death and the Beyond

1. Veni Spiritus

The cold moon glows as the clock strikes midnight
The putrid miasma seeps out of the ground
The landscape is bathed in an eerie moonlight
Revealing to us the strangest of terrors
Inside the mansion the doors are unlocked
Yet some of the guests can never leave
The candlelight flickers as if to a lonely tune
The church is empty yet a choir sings

Terrified voices whisper from inside the walls
Curtains rustle even though there is no wind
Voices of children echo through the old house
As shadows move in the deserted hallway
Envious of our lives and human shells
The beyond opens and foul spirits rise

It is time

Come, spirits...

2. Funeral

Mourners have gathered
For their last farewell
Amidst the grey stones
In the garden of the dead
The rain is falling still
The church bell tolls its knell
All cloaked in black with tears in eyes
The mourning ones have met

A man in black and violet
Latin scriptures, earth to earth
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
And heavenly rebirth
Flowers grace the coffin black
Where the cold dead body lies
That slowly now is lowered
Into the cold earth


Now all is silent
And you are all alone
The rain is falling still
But no one mourns here anymore
A cross is placed above your head
The coffin is now your home
There is nothing left to do but
Pray that god will open his door

(Solo: Into the darkness of the grave)

Now you realize that all
The mourners met for was...

Your funeral...
Your own funeral...

3. Behind the Coffin’s Lid

The coffin's lid slowly nailed shut
I cry for help but they hear me not
Trembling I say one tiny prayer
Hallucinating I'm running out of air

My fingers bloody from scratching the lid
In panic I'm screaming, I turn and skid
Gasping for air while rolling in cramps
Screams muffled by fog that swirls so damp

Behind the coffin's lid
Life is a fever dream
Behind the coffin's lid
No one hears my screams

Six feet under and all alone
Among the dead and countless bones
Clouds passing by the quiet moon
Buried alive in this place of doom
There is no sound, only worms that crawl
Claustrophobic I cry and call
I cannot wake 'cause it's not a dream
No one can hear my begging screams

Behind the coffin's lid
Life is a fever dream
Behind the coffin's lid
No one hears my screams

I can see it all clearly now

So, this is how it feels to die
I no longer feel no pain nor fear
My skin is cold and my lungs have collapsed
Now I can dream of life that will not be
My eyes slowly open as they swell
My fingers are stiff but hurt no more
My face caught in an endless sigh
But worst of all, I'm not alone

Black rainy clouds engulf the moonshine
The only light is the lamp of the necrophile

4. The Cursed Chamber

"This is the scroll of Thoth. Herein are set down the magic words by which is raised Osiris from the dead. Oh! Amon-Ra! Oh! God of gods! Death is but the doorway to new life. We live today, we shall live again. In many forms shall we return. Oh, mighty one."

Lying dormant for ages
A dusty tomb my home
Dead forever yet breathing
My destiny inscribed in stone
Dust and rot fill my veins
My eyes penetrate the dark
Silently dreaming of life
Watching those who embark

Oh, you pitiful humans
Do not enter my shrine
The curse has been written
Death will be thine
Fly on the wings of darkness
Blood is but dust in my veins
Life crumbled in my hands
All the years I reigned

Befoul my grave and you pay the price
The stings of a thousand scorpions' bites
When your screams echo through the halls
The tomb's closing as the darkness falls

When the stars are right
When the time is near
My gods will speak
Awakening after all these years

Like the gorge through the desert
Like the incense in the air
Like the sun above the pyramids
I will always be there

5. Bones Turn to Dust

It all seems like night even though it is day
It has been like this since you passed away
The pain of loss is more than I can handle
A wooden box, a cross and candles

Smoldering tissue on a jaw dropped down
Wrapped in velvet and your wedding gown
In the shadow of your black coffin I see
A feast for worms is all that we will be

Algor Mortis holds you in icy hands
Black drapes whirl as he starts to dance
Livor Mortis is caressing your skin
Leaving bluey shades on your bony chin

I sit and watch but I cannot move
Feeling as rigid as a marbled statue
Like silver the tears run down my face
To bless a corpse lying in silk and lace

(Solo: Sorrow turns to despair)

Will you think of me when you are under ground
A life in solitude and pain profound
I cannot go on like this, I need you close
Existence is torture it clearly shows

Cremation is the way to reunite
The fire of the oven is burning bright
I lie next to you and blow out the candles
Kiss your dead lips and press down the handle

6. Black Dethe

The redeemer has not come
On a cross he hangs so pale
I kiss the wounds in his side
Just to taste the sweet decay
A thousand rats follow my trail
As I drift from house to house
I grant thee the kiss of black death
I am invisible - I am death

My bony hand stretched across the land
Villagers caught in a web of decay
Under the rusty scythe you die
Only deaf ears listen to you pray
No cross or door can ever stop my way
As I come to visit you at night
The promised life leaves your bated breath
I am invincible - I am death

You can't see me
Only fear me

All bow down to the great pestilence
Time stands still as man wrenches
Covered with blackened skin and gangrene
Heaped by the thousands in vast trenches

Mass burials guarded by skeletal ghosts
Macabre sufferings of the bubonic host
The painful price for killing black cats
A plague carried by millions of rats

7. Spectral Lights

8. Pendulum Swings

An old house...

A sinister mystery is lurking
No one has been here for years
Strange sounds come from there at night
Villagers all shudder in fear
The room is covered in darkness
Only lights are the candles' flames
Hands are placed upon the table
Covered with letters and names

I am the gateway

Overwhelmed in trance
Channeling great forces of evil
Creating a link between two worlds
Envisioned with otherworldly madness

I can see the other side!

The ceiling is covered in cobwebs
The arms of the clock have frozen
Someone has come to see us
Through an instrument that was chosen
The medium's voice is trembling
Ghostly emanations appear
From beyond I hear a calling
Voices that haven't spoken for years

(Solo: The first glance into the otherworld)

I see floating spectral lights
Hovering through the room

(Solo: Non-consensual takeover of the medium)

Her eyes are now like glass
Levitation is coming true

(Solo: Excretion of ectoplasma)

Pillars of light drift through the room
Yearning souls caught in torment
Our warm breath is clearly visible
It's as quiet as if death was present

I see visions of terror
Pale and crying faces of despair
The true owners of this house
Out from the darkness now appear
I see children on their knees
Chained and locked up in the attic
A house under a fatal curse
With a grim ending so tragic

The pendulum swings
The medium sings

"Go to the hollow hills"

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