The Revelation of Higher Mysteries (ep)

1. Intro


2. Consumed By Darkness

When I scattered the pieces to father
Darkness was falling rapidly
Down beyond the hills
Waiting for the knowledge of immortality

Strange contact of a creator unknown
Allowances for the usual exaggeration
Long limbs grew rigid
In the most evil reputation

I reacted to the touch of the crucifix
I struggled and blasphemed
In my morbid state of mind
Wishing it remained

I seek distraction in the social life of the chapel
Half tearful and half defiant
The chapel rotten and alive with maggots
Illegal entry is denied

3. The Shadow Where Evil Stands Still

The walls of an ancient stone chamber
Had witnessed many fearsome rites
The whole place reeked of evil
An intense bitterness surged through your mind

They perform an involved magical ceremony
To heal the wounds at the far end of the crypts
The curtains embroidered with the goat of Mendes
And the woman with the seven breasts

Upon the altar slab
The chalice and the book still reposed
The broken crucifix badly nailed
To retrieve some malignant unseen force

The terror inspired by the loathsome horrors
Of the pit would make you pale
For such Satan could drive men mad
Or strike them dead
As had proved the case with Crowley and Manson

Teutonic Existence Records
Recorded by Solon Zenetzh at Studio Zenetzh in april 1994

Lyrics in plain text format

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