Running Sore

1. Descend Among The Damned

I see ghosts dancing
On burning ice
Speechless and motionless
The realm of longing
Tear all crosses from their stalks
Nothing to be seen
I rise and smile at the ascending moon
Greenish cold blackened lake
Like an eye
Staring up into the sky
The lake just begins to freeze
The woods were like a poisonous spring
For pagans who danced around the fire
Like wicked dark creatures
All through the night it raged
Those hellish festivities
Descend among the damned
Bring fiends all over hell
Still alive but never to die again
Never ever to sleep

2. Under The Lunar Skies

The ghost moon, a world of half-light
In which great upthrusts of primeval rock
Showed as black velvet blobs
Against a cream-colored background
The moon's hidden face
Through the lunar night
The scarred face of the moon
Like the shoals of old that had snagged the ships
Of unwary mariners
Licking smoothly as the beads of mist
Under the hellish retrofire
Of the circular eye of Mare Crisium
And the Marsh of Sleep
The flat bed of the sea of Tranquility
Under retrofire
The distant domes of the Sinus Medii
Like small silver blobs
Against the grayish mantle
Where lay the dread Ocean of Storms
(filled with) muted sounds
That echoed and reechoed until they filled the air
With a steady whisper
Reminded of the rustle of leaves in an autumn wind
A bizarre forest of rock
That lay naked an raw
Under the lunar skies
A scene since the beginning of time

3. She Who Is To Come

Where the shadows lie thick
Like layer after layer of dust of darkness
Settled over generations
Lost in the immensity of the cold
Unearthly landscape
Black crags cleft with chasms
A vast cult of wizards
Bound to the worship of the premier divinity of this world
New sense of unreality
Harassments of the self
To relieve its cosmic ennui
The goat
So carefully curried and groomed
The pentagram
The five pointed star

Ekei opou to skotadi agkaliazei tis xamenes psyxes
Parmenes mesa apo anieres praxeis stin pragmatiki zoi
Synthesi kai aposynthesi kosmwn kai ontwn
Nekra tis texnis symbola

[English translation:]
There where dark embraces the lost souls
Taken from unholy acts in real life
Composition and decomposition of worlds and beings
Dead symbols of art

The mighty mother smiles
Over her fleeing, her star-scattered brood
As nigh falls over Yaddith at the end
We hurtle through the frigid gloom of space
To Zaoth or Shaggai or Kythamil
Leaving behind the ruin of a world
And little hope have we to long survive
The awful doom of Yaddith we evade
Will soon be snuffling at our heels again
When fires blaze forth on the skies
When the black goat appeareth before men
There be those who will help the lean and ravenous ones
The minions of ye black goat
La! Shub-Niggurath!

4. Signals From Another World

Crossover into another world
A world beyond ordinary experience
Where the pale wash of starlight threw shadows
Beyond both ends of the known visible spectrum
This is a new beginning
In the mysterious world beyond mortal eyes
The next dimension of living
From the invisible realms of life
Death is the end of one phase of life
And the beginning of another
All pain and sorrow are gone
Astral travel, journeys in the levitation
Hold me close in your thoughts
For one last embrace
There are cycles to be completed
Help me rise

5. I Am In Awe

Toward gray snow-clad peaks
The sun was descending
A gleam of white god embedded in a sky of cloudless azure
Into haze over the mountains
A crimson eye whose heatless rays bathed the wide plain
As if with blood
Far to the north rose enormous snowy peaks
Red tinged in a wan light like cold thrones
The shadow
Beneath the pale light of stars and a waxing moon
Longing for release and redemption from the matter
To taste of providing revelations
That they carry from the big mind in universes and dimensions
They are raised above by their same nature
To develop unused powers
The awakening of inner lethargical powers
The frozen ones, real estates
Cloudless nights the harsh grate of the sky
Gaze at its thousand winking eyes
Gaze and think and listen
Wait for a whisper
From beyond the blaze of lights
From beyond the gulfs of darkness
A deluge of flaring light rise majestic and undecayed
Piercing the sky and blaze all red and gold in a flame
Frantic, with an impulse to rush out into the night
And gazed in dreams under the glory of the moon

6. Mourn The Dead

Sounds creeping from the woods
Beneath the pale light
Rain falling in the trees
Under a cloudless sky
Silver moon barely peeking over the crests
Of the most distant trees
Mere arts of illusion
Reflecting the light from the moon and stars
Into the night the grate of the sky
Wavering in its shroud of darkness
Flesh gleaming under the moonlight
Crawling along the ground
Eyes bright and glassy
A glory to behold
The apocalypse of the seven thunders
An excised passage from revelation
Elements of fantasy
Over the sea of lights
The lonely voice of the stars
At the quietness of the world at a dawn
Suppressed prophesy
The key to the bottomless pit
Unsealed the abyss
Mourn the dead
The sky commenced to darken
Taking on a sheen
From beyond the gulfs of darkness
Mourn the dead

7. From The Starry Voids

Like the formless fears of nightmare
The cold stars gleamed down
Under the slim horns of a crescent moon
Wave a magic wand and bring order out of chaos
Sakkuth the king - Sakkuth, king of night
The star-god
Cursed by the ancient prophets
Worshipped by sorcerers
And savages and demons
The seed of Kaiwan, the star-god
Descended from the sky
Long before mankind arose
From the starry voids
From the dark planet which circles the goat-star
For countless aeons
Served by countless demon-spawn
And waiting to spawn again
Before dawn
When the eye of Taurus and the Goat star are rising
Open the gate to Harag-Kolath
And perform the rite
Open the gate to thy world
Great mother
Witness this rite to the glory
The gate to other realms

8. Liber Animus

On a journey into the sea of consciousness
Into its volume and into its depths
Awakening spiritual realisation of divine forces
Of inner power and strength
Standing in beautiful sandy cove
With high rocks and cliffs
The kingdom of the heavenly realm
Of seven immense energy fields
The vision of the seven spirits
Seven flames of fire burning
Singing under the moonlight
And blowing wisps of swirling
The lap of the black sea upon the golden sand
The whisper of the breeze in the palm trees beyond
The golden light, a reflection of the moon
Dark upon the waters
Follow me down through the unlight-filled depths of this ocean to the sea-bed
As we descend we submerge ourselves in the deep unconscious
Full of illusions, full of discovers
Full of illusions
Of beauties and treasures

9. Bemused Minds

Whispers of the stealthy attendants
Voices rising in the brooding darkness
In times of massive death and disaster
When souls wrenched from this world into the next
Men of broader intellect
In realms apart from the visible world
When the silver and sable of late twilights
Burned state
In the distance lay the still waters
Of a vast lake with the smooth
Glittered cruelly in the cloudless heavens
The incantation for opening the way
Fragmentary race memories
A veritable paroxysm of feverish activity
Lifted in shining grandeur towards the heavens
Inverted reflection in the waters of sun (glittering rivers)
That flowed between banks of crysoberyl and porphyry
That come from some earlier life
Bemused minds
A handful of mystics and dreamers since time began

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