Thy Blackest Love (demo)

1. The Fire Burning Bright

Lays on her back on a stone table
May eve of Walpurgis night
An obscene convocation sabbat
With the power of moonlight

The figures contorting themselves
Some of them wear grotesque headdresses
Draped with the hides of animals
Still worship the mighty race

Degraded below the level of the beasts
Become the vessel for demonic forces

2. Threnody

There were Mountains
Like jagged black Fangs
Against an icy dark Sky
Where Darkness always reign

Nostalgy in icy Winds
In the Forest, Signs Calls

And there was Lake of eternal Fire
That broke apart
In a Million Little Diamonds
And clung to my Hands

3. 2000 Years of Lies

The light is shining
the fullmoon is calling
blood and hatred
is how they're living

Burning cross of hell
through the pentacle walls
my knowledge was given
oppression will prevail

Please, try to excuse my abrupt
behavior, this sort of thing has
become an obsession with me
that was the word they used,

They have already tried to silence me
They succeeded in duping
my superiors into believing I was crazy
An embarrassment to the church

Skies are filled with clouds
I'm the one that God has sent
Why they impale me like a damned
What is true in this hell

2000 years of lies
The end of innocence
Right down the drain
Blessed let be the sense

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