Transmission to Chaos

1. Transmission To Chaos

My gate will transport you
Into another world
Far away from the reality
Where you come to feel insane delight

The key to enter through the gateway
Into those realms beyond
Taking you from the sane
Into an eldritch primal world

Sounds from beyond
Where rules the crawling chaos
A swirling of colours
That belong to unknown spectrums

The beginning of an immence passage
Through the endless gulfs of space
Drug-induced deleriums
Unearthly spirits
... Reality

2. Sailed By Night

As the gold of the sky lighten the green of the hills
Distincly floated the tinkle of a bell
Of those who dwell in the Abyss
Across the clear mountain air

Tales of dancing lights in the dark of the moon

Misty dreams of shrill sounds
Sunless secrets and picture sights

The shadowy moving forms into the wide plain
Airy beings in white under the fullmoon
Ancient and solemn ceremonial dance
Fantastic formations beyond the pale of nature

Misty dreams of shrill sounds
Sunless secrets and picture sights

3. Satyr, Hail!

Walks at night and follows the dark
Showed signs of eagerness to come
(kindled) The flames of an anger equally beastlike
Gone temporarily insane

A pair of fantastic incidents
Occured in my flight
Incidents of no significance
Satyr, Hail!

Stampede and terrified animal
The fear-stricken beast which lies beneath 'us all
Demoniac in hideousness
Satyr, Hail!

4. Transcendent Beauty

The edge of the moorlands
Purple sea of heath

From somewhere on the horizon
There poured a shaft of flaring light
Crimson and malefic
Transcedent beauty

There were vague flickerings of an inner fire
Ito an alien dimension
Which shines so strangely in the dimness of light
The twisting fabric of space and time

Sniffing the night air
Dowsing for darkness
Howling in appaling manner
And rushed in a wolflike transport of anger

5. A Story Of The Wind

Strange beliefs in a sharp and frosty air
An impulse of fear possesses me
Hysterical screaming cries so shocking
I lay on the ground hands over my eyes

When the wind is howling
Freezing night - Hades beating
A crash like thunder
Angels upon me

A pale moon casts some slight illumination
On the dismal scene
The gate opens at my touch
A stream of nightmares descend the path

I'm alone - no signs
Nothing that reveals the cause of my insanity

I'm obsessed - dangerously obsessed
A rebirth in utter blasphemy
Testimony to be believed
Black, shiny black...

6. Deamonolatreia

The knowledge has been life long
Make it ligitimate in the eyes of the almighty
New prophecies and new flesh
Rent the fabric of reality

Fly on the wings of a raven
Let my love fly to you on swift wings
You and I are true spirits
Beyond time and space

My blackest love like the night
Skin like alabaster
Reflecting the stars of the universe
The promise of more than earthly joys

Mutual oaths of pleasure and pain
Learn the secrets of ecstacy
The blessed warmth of the womb
Polymorphous perversity

Eternal is my promise
And the promise is fulfilment
Forever and through endless changing
... Deamonilatreia

7. The Dark Mood Gathered

Stars seemingly visible in the sky
So dark by late afternoon
Armed with a script for tranquilizers
On frequences of chaos and squalor

A storm was imminent
Scenes of a dream drama

Shivering in the stillness
Upon a row of curbside trees
Sensitive to a certain kind of portentous mood
Were the little leaves

A whole galaxy of constellations
Contributing their light
Like eyes, shining in the white darkness
Frozen in endless infinity

8. Open Shaft To Lunacy

Crawling under the fullmoon
Blotting out the stars
Drown the rasp of a breath
Gasping and sobbing on the wet grass

My eyes burned with a hellish glow
Heart pounded beyond desire
Drown the thunder of a heartbeat
In tune with the infinite

Expose yourself and jerking on a suburban lawn
A wretched degenerate
Unlock the cageful of insane desires
And wipe the blood from my lips

Dreading seperation
Like captive serpent
The red wings of a butterfly
Are leaving below and bleed to death

9. Oneiric Aphasia

Good night, my foolish love
Hear me now...
Sleep your singular sleep and die
With a nice bright gleam in your eyes

A crescendo of the dream
Going deeper into dubious realms
Into post-dream projections
Going Deeper
The dream begins into post-dream projections

Can't imagine your reaction to this psycho tale
To the all-around astral uncanniness
Awfully weird areas
Ultramental hinterlands

It was after midnight and you dread going to sleep
And have another of those nightmares
I could save you from this fate
If only I could find it in my heart to do so...
I hear you pray to end the dream
And beseech me to release you from my spell

Illusions on a mental screen
Images projected
Zones of deception and pain
Spirits brave enough

Awakened you to a stratosphere
Of uncanny terror
A crescendo of the dream
Going deeper into dubious realms
Into post-dream projections

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