Unspeakable Cults

1. Stand & Deliver

All evil spirits roam through the world
Seeking the ruin and destruction of souls
Into a hell that exists here and now
On a different level of perception

Glimpsed by men in dreams
With certain heathenish mental disciplines
Infernal beauty of desire
Sexual intercourse with the devil's child

The constellations have turned to
The right position
The stars are right
To burn people at the stake

Spawned a plague of witchcraft
In the sixteenth century
Festered for two hundred years
Timing was wrong

Unleash hell on earth
Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live
Exiled to another world, to the fourth dimension
Thou art neither hot nor cold

The confessions extracted from witches
Peasants cavorting in the woods
Breeches down, mocking the village priest
The apparatus of witchcraft
...To indulge depravity

2. Darkness Incarnate

Battening on the fruits of evil
Abjure the ancient crypt of master
Forswear Satan now
Relying for all eternity

Lights flickered
And wisps of smoke curled up
Voodoo drums, horrid laughter
Recite the lords prayer

I sign a pact making myself
Over to him
Deny the Christian god and leave me
Free to fight

Bats squeaked and pigs grunted
Tongues of flame, betray the master
Snarling pandemonium
For those who are not prepared to serve

As light penetrates the semi-darkness
And the sound of chains are beyond all nightmares
Oh lord, defend us
To remain engraved upon all memories

3. Threnody

There were mountains
Like jagged black fangs
Against an icy dark sky
Where darkness always reigns

Nostalgia in icy winds
In the forest, signs call

There were lakes of eternal fire
That broke apart
In a million little diamonds
And clung to my hands

4. When Nightmares Begin

She was walking to the chosen place
Where the mass would be celebrated
Where the way would be opened
May eve

She wore a simple white gown
She walked through a dark forest
She could smell rotting mold
And wet wood

Her cunt tingled with electricity
Her belly and thighs glowed
Her legs wantonly wide
In the flickering torchlight

Shy glows red
Through budding branches
Evening is coming on
May eve

5. The Rape Of Holiness

An ungainly bird struggling
Light pouring from all windows
No warmth, no love
Leading deeper into the damp woods

To someone who could be spoken of only as
The dark man
The black goat

The execution of the sentence
In the ancient crypt of Abel Hopkins
Dressed in a hideous mask
And a coarse animal skin
Delicacy and tenderness
Wish to die
On the crude altar in the woods
Choking on thy own vomit

6. Ritual Orgy

7. Dangers Of A Real & Concrete Nature

Those who attend respectable spiritualist
Many can be easily intrigued by a promise
The obtaining of power
For the real secrets

Starts like a rather intriguing affair
The thin end of the wedge
Promised revelations of higher mysteries
Hypnotized and dominated

A few ones survive to achieve the rank
And used only for obscenities
They soon degenerate into physical
And moral wrecks

Many of them end up as suicides
And all those who are rescued
Always prove useless...

8. The Fire Burning Bright

Lays on her back on a stone table
May eve of Walpurgis night
An obscene convocation Sabbat
With the power of moonlight

The figures contorting themselves
Some of them wear grotesque headdresses
Draped with the hides of animals
Still worship the mighty races

Degraded below the level of the beasts
Become the vessel for demonic forces

9. In The Horror Field

A gust of wind flattening the tall grass
The noise around rose to a roar
As something gripped me around the waist
Pressing me until my ribs cracked
And a cold clast of air whispered...

Goddess of night
Lead me to your pleasuredome
Of debauchery
Where sunlight turns to darkness
Where the sun loses its power
And the wind changes

Bringing the icy currents down
Oh Hecate, rape me with malice
On the snow on top of the mountains

On my knees I pray
As the stars black out
And the forest shines under the moonlight
In a place where our love can be found

10. Afterkill

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