Wedding the Grotesque

1. Dark Man

I am the dark man
Dagger of the night
I am the dark man
Cloak of the Styx

I am the dark man
Colder than freezing ice
I am the dark man
Hotter than blazing fire

I am the dark man
Flesh for the moon
I am the dark man
Blood for the sun

In the shameful heavens
She bears my shadow
And in darkness she caresses my form
She knows my love from Death
She knows my love is Death's

I am the dark man
Her soul's sleep desire
I am the dark man
Burning her higher

She knows my love from Death
She knows my love is Death's

2. Shaven Angel Forms

Tongues erupted, shadow dance
Young love bloodred, naked trance
Flesh and bloodland, paradise twisted
Angelic heartland – loveless, wounded

Shave angel
Dance naked
Shave angel
Dance forever

Venus fragrance, sugary moist
Fevered romance, lecherous joys
Pleasuredome, God’s deep shame
Angels roam to taste the flame

Shave angel
Dance naked
Shave angel
Dance forever
Dance forever
Dance forever

3. Blood of Summer

Robed in white, the nymph with intent adores
Her mirror image of wolfeye whore
On her white breast, a withered cross she wears

But as carmine tears fall
Fainting she appears
Out of waves of crescent dream and darkness
Bleeding doves fly
As icecold crimson fires
They cleave the liquid sky
Repairing her smile, awaken every grace
For pain can never deceive
Never deceive

Blood of summer

Such floods of tears she shed
Only to tempt the flame
The flame of the death of our love
Living tomb of our souls
Love raised to an extreme
Scarce could the goddess
From her nymph be known in dreams

But by the zodiac and the golden zone
She scorned the praise of beauty
And the care

A noose around her neck
A fillet binds her hair
By all her streams of celestial tears
I shall receive her self, body and soul
And all that she can give

Blood of summer

Your cracked lips so dry
On which shadowfires still lie
Bleeding kisses I will pour
Shall thy innocent heat restore
Not from thee will I ever part
Mother Mary eat my heart

My inferior priestess bow at my side
Begin to rites ridden of all your pride
Unnumbered treasures reside at once
And here the various offerings of the whip appear

Heavenly visions of pain, the air receives
To that she bends, to that her eye she rears
We love and do not dream
Bleeding together in a soft crimson stream
Taking true pleasure for true love
But pain can never deceive

Blood of summer

4. Sacrificial Highway

As I roamed through the winter night
Sprung from that excessive flame
The lunar kiss cracked my lips
I tasted the wine and the taste was me
Sha lay there shivering in the glowing snow
Angel honey of the songlrdd night

Moonlight sheets cling to me
Sticky with my sweat and your blood
I embrace your flesh, we come (so close)
In my sweath and your blood

Up-and-a-spinning on the sacrifical highway

In a cold fever
She bites into my flesh
Driving hooks into my body
Tearing out my heart
Red wine she pours unto my being
Draining me of all my blood
Her tender kiss rests with me
In fire

5. The Unchaste Bittersweet

She painted me black, anew the Troubleman
Was born of thunder, appearing sinridden and guiltless

Humming that melody
Soft and deep, soft and deep
In her ecstacy of sweet devotion
As we made love by the twilight sea
Pressing the thriving flowers in all their bloom
To the ground of green wood and earth
To the ground helpless, naked, weeping

I know your hunger
You know my pain
I don't ever want to wake up again
Without you, my sweet
Rise to come down underneath
Undress the scentless world

She loved to rip my skin
To suck the flowers
Breathing in the night
Our form no longer peaceful
The wild voice of the forest
A holy hymn unheard

She bit my lip and looked in lecherous pain
There was no pride, just passion

The wild desire of the Nymph
Playing with the wolf in Woodland
In a hymn of other worlds

She was tamed, charmed and amazed
Yet her cheeks all on fire
Her eyes burning with ecstacy and fury
She ate me up
The wild mistress of the forest night

6. Sorrows Piercing Art

Hear me, see me, feed me a glass of blessings
Mistress of the blissful hour
Fear me, sear me, tear me up in the night
Oh virgin goddess, shaven and pure

In the night of the calling wolf
In the night of the burning dove
Priestess, priestess, sing my pray
Hide my spirit, hide my form

From the ways of God
In the seas of sorrow
And the years of emptiness

Priestess, priestess, sing my praise
Oh virgin body all shaven and pure
Drained are the eyes of God
Throwing a baleful stare witnessing
Undressed bride, her spirit and form
Priest with everburn

She wakes from ecstatic darkness
Where peace and rest can never dwell
Night to burn the dove
Night for tears to fall
Hold the night beyond the rivers of day
Watch the darkness through night as
She lets her like dove sleep
When it's time to sleep
Time to sleep

7. The Smiling Black

With it again, flowing with the tide of grief
Broken by the passing of undone years
And all the anguish now in my self, true self
Another season wasted as shallow relief

In my tears all the dreams have perished
In my despair I was powerless (to destroy)
Never learning how existence could be
Never knowing the illusion I called joy

I drink deep

Where are the songs of summer now and the sun
Left me in shades and silence clung together as one
Rememberance wakes with a train of memories
Turning the past into pain - illusion and reality

8. Beggar Whipped in Wine

Pale as ash, a nun’s innocence
The love of god
White as snow, a mistress‘ conscience
Shaded in blood

Leave the swine, the holy swine, the blessed filth
Christened woman drowning in a pool of faith

I am your new god
I made you woman that you are
I lash my tail to soothe your scars
The priesthood of your sisterhood
The godhood of your motherhood
Beggar, nun, virgin, whore is what you are

Take my hand and leave the swine, the holy swine
No longer at one with god, come drink the wine
You’re mine

Veiled in silk, she’s whipped in wine
Screaming lovestung
Her kiss of darkness melts like dry blood
On the tip of the tongue
Her eyes tear blood, her hand in mine
Whip between my teeth
An angel’s face cracked from pain
A lover’s wish I reach

Flogged as animal, chained as a slave
Yet her virtues will heal
Black fingernails rip the silk
Slip on the silk, break to the steel
Red wine dripping from her broken lips
Staining the satin, like the blood from her fingertips

We are born of ancient night
My whip is your shrine
Creation sleeps, nature sleeps, all life stands still
When our souls come together
And your blood is spilled
How I love the taste of your pale flesh
Under the whip amour
Bow and beg baby, bow and beg
C’mon and bleed some more

9. The Diabolique

True of word or voice, enveloped in flames
Hostile star coming forth by night
My twilight whore traversing heaven
Dancing on the limits of eternity

Bow my children
Bow my children
Oh, maiden, snare my children from the abyss

Enter the serpent, serpent of night
The dead body of the dead sun
Moonskinned goddess, evening goddess
Snare my children from the abyss

Bow my children
Bow my children
Children of the poison moon
Snare my children from the abyss
I am the diabolique

When she rests, darkness comes
The eternal mind softens final eclipse
Chamber of the night expands with joy
Into her island of fire, the sky falls down

Bow my children
Bow my children
Children of the poison moon
Snare my children from the abyss
I am the diabolique

Solar cults crumble and fall
The beetle light of naked dusk
Under the earth where summer’s die
We dwell, the beautiful and the damned

Bow my children
Bow my children
Oh, maiden snare my children
I am the diabolique
The black earth where summers die

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