Aesthetic Terrorism (1998)

1. Survival Of The Fittest Scum
2. Aesthetic Terrorism
3. Negative
4. Political Incorrect (Non P.C.)
5. Nexus
6. Gluttony

1. Survival Of The Fittest Scum


We have tried everything
Pushed up to the limits
But scums keep on coming
Never ending flow

But be assured of the following
We will keep on trying
We crush burn and destroy
And keep on attacking

No matter how you kill
No matter how many
They always come back
Never ending flow of scum.

2. Aesthetic Terrorism

Surrounded by shadow beings
tasteless worthless humans
trapped into a world of pacifism
no hate, no love, just grey.

Huge oppressive buildings
trying to reach the stars
cold masses of concrete
like huge funeral stabs.
I'll burn your buildings down
I'll reap your hearts apart
crush your filthy temples
and make the world a better place
A better place for living beings
and not for walking corpses.

All that I want around me
are the people that I love
are the people that I hate
people that make me live.

All that I want around me
are images of beauty
pictures that keep me alive
that send my spirit higher.


3. Negative

Sorrow, pain, misery,
destruction, melancholy,
catastrophe, devastation,
betrayal, sadness, loneliness,
cold decay, death, hate,
despair, humiliation, wrath,
violence, vanity, selfishness,
torture, murder, disease,
time, stupidity, bitterness,
disappointment, blackness,
oppression, manias, phobias,
depression, separation.

4. Political Incorrect (Non P.C.)

We are here to ruin your mood
to speak the things that you don`t dare
to tell the truths that you're afraid
and paint your clean cut faces red.

Non P.C.
No more lies
Non P.C.
No more shit

Pentagrams and swastikas
communists and anarchists
white, black, yellow, red
zionists, homosexuals.

Mr. Nice Guys everywhere
peace and love for everyone
can't you see this can't be done
(because) violence is in your blood.

5. Nexus

Satan, Nazi, Krishna, Straight Edge
Vampire, Headpress, Buddhism, hardcore
Lucifer, pagan, fascism, snowboard
Indians, Kung-fu, metal, Tiamat.

How can I deal with your weirdo brain?
How can I deal with your twisted nerves?
Connecting things and tying the knots
you spread confusion in my soul!
Time, law and Beverly Hills
bodies, pain and Fatherland
Vikings, blood and racial soul
Aryan, godless, Internet.

6. Gluttony

Buy the most expensive coffin
buy the life that you desire
buy the most beautiful lover
buy the friends that you don't have.
Swing and move just like a peacock
filled with nothing crowned with gold

Buy respect and some ideals
until you have no soul to sell.
Hide your misery and sorrow
behind the vanity of your dreams
buy the hopes of your tomorrow
it's a bargain, they come cheap.

And when death will come to claim you
I'll be watching from afar
when all your gold will turn to dust
Oh, what a nice corpse you are!

1998 Osmose Productions

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