The Very Best of Pain

1. Chaosphere

Glowing Darkness
Shadow Light
Where All Is One

Serpent's Tongue
And Blood Divine
Dreams And Nightmares

Seas Of Flame
Feral Madness
Psychic Blasts

Beasts And Angels
Shapes Of Lust
Devil's Gold

Lunar Spirits
Solar Gods
Wolven Insects

Inverted Hells
Frozen Worlds
Spirit Whores

Astral Worms
Colored Pains
Sharpened Fangs

Scarlet Thirst

Stygian Black
Fiendish Mark
Spider's Touch

Dying Suns
Demon Seed
Virgin's Tears

2. Killing Machine

Beg Me To Spare Your Worthless Life !
Come On
Give Me A Fucking Reason Why Letting You Live !

Do You Like Your Life ?
No I Don't Think So !
Do You Know How It Is To Love ?
No I Guess You Don't !
You're Just A Walking Corpse Searching
For A Redeemer
Well , Cheer Up Boys And Girls !
I'm Here For You
Let Me Have Your Souls !

Iam Your Killing Machine
Your Damned Dark Medicine
Iam Your Killing Machine
Your Wildest Lucid Dream

How Do You Know What Life Is ?
You Don't Know How To Love !
You Don't Even Have The Strenght To Hate ?
The Only Thing You Know Is To Wear
Your "Good Guy" Budge And Posing On The
Street Like A Fucking Whore
Yes That's What You Are !

A Common Whore Waiting For The Right Price
But Here Iam To Save You From Your Misery
Come To Me ... Satisfaction Guaranteed !

3. Les 120 journées de Sodome (A Velvet Ballad for Desade)

(A Velvet Ballade For De Sade)

Through Your Pain Comes My Pleasure
Through Your Tears Come My Sperm
And With Your Blood I Paint Your Nightmares Red

Cry My Little Venus
Cry My Bride Of Sin
Worship Me ! Hate Me !
Show Me Your Pain
Gift Me Your Suffering Wrapped In The Skin
Of Your Lost Innocence

In Your Eyes The Agony Of A Thousand Slaves
In My Eyes The Coldness Of the Serpent
Your Face Is Like An Unfinished Painting Of Fear
Waiting For The Artist To Make It Complete
Your Orgasms Are Mine !
The Orgasms That You Hate So Much !
The Orgasms That You Desire So Much !
I Liberate You Through Pain !
I Give You Life Through Pain !
As I Take Your Body
I Finnish In Your Soul
And My seed Gives Birth
To Countless Little Torturers
Preying On Your Feminity
I Make You Mine And Tear You Apart

There Is No Law ! Only Flesh !
Curse Me ! There Is No God ! Only Flesh !
I Baptize You Now !

4. Alienation

Trapped Into Your Grey Buildings
Where Misery Reigns And Pathetic
Human Ambitions Weaves It's Cunning Web
HA ! You Weakling Mortal Scum !
You Cannot Touch Me !
Your Shadow Hands Can't Grab Me !
Your Greedy Tongues Can't Lick Me !
Iam Away , I'm Free !
I'm God , I'm Satan !

All You Give Me Is Sorrow And Despair
All I Give Is Wrath And Hate
Where My Only Enemy Is Myself !

Dare To Come Near Me And I'll Spill My
Venom Into Your Soul , So I Can Make You
One Of Us .
But You Don't Have The Guts To Come Close
Your Fears nd Lust Have Enslaved You So Much
I Raped Your Dreams !
I Raped Your Thoughts !
I Burned Your Bodies For Your Gods .
And Now I Spit On You And Let You Die Alone
Hidden In Your Little Holes I Let You Die Alone
Life Is Great And So Am I !

5. What Kind of Hell Is This Anyway?

Oppressed Anger Of An Inverted God
Burning Ice Flames Offered By An Angel
Fucking Divine Bloodshed But No Tears Of Pain
What Kind Of Hell Is It Anyway ?

I Cannot See My Fears And I Cannot Bleed
I Still Can Breath And I'm Not Dead
Where Are The Velvet Sufferings Whispered In My Dream ?
What Kind Of Hell Is It Anyway ?

Sheeps Are Praying On Wolves And Masters Serve The Slaves
And Carved On Burning Stones I Saw PEACE AND LOVE
Satan's In Love With Mary And I'm Going To Puke
What Kind Of Hell Is It Anyway ?

Fuck God ! Am I Dreaming Or What ?
The Furnances Are Cold The Torments Are Now Over
Is This What Is Left For Myself To Rule ?
What Kind Of Hell Is It Anyway ?

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