Dimness Through Infinity

1. Celestial Divinity

Sleep with twilight mourning
Infinite dreams you touch the eternity so far in the end
It weeps forever in your destiny...

2. And Begins The Tragedy...

"Darkling shadows in hiding
The latest beauty over the blue wings of the Nymph..."

So tragic
How can dark tunes call me
So creepy
Where I need for dreaming

"Only witness - the lonely moon, in a dither
The fallen, the dismal guagmare
But I've gone..."

Woe: something winks into the nimbus
My coldest breath splits the darkness
And begins the tragedy
Autumnal ruin...

"Where the darkest water of Nymph
Beckons the woodland nenuphars
The fallen drinks that never ends
Velvet shroud for all the times,
All the lands..."
Celestial gleam's flown through eternity
I deny myself this time, my dreams

The confidence, regret, a remembrance
Infinite eyes of dying existence

Insanity, ever bleeding

Daylight dazes on
My soul, my heart...

Dark euphony tells the forgotten tale
Dramatic poem
Enchanted dream's torn apart

The words from infinity...
Loneliness that drifts me
As far as thought... never I see
But the tragedy begins...

3. Lurid (1st Path)

No more tears, no more cries
The Nymph
Take me on your hands
My heart aches...

4. Dying Embrace

Some things are beyond the darkness
First I saw the crystal suns tailed
Then the lunatic dreams
Wake me before I yearn for
Dying memories trade by emptiness I leave...
Dancing wizard on the edge of doom
Calls me for eternal suffering
In the last path of splendid gate
A charm for lonely die
You try to left the dark empires
And darkness you embrace
You've returned to reality
But soul's still there...
Now I'm on the circle of drowse images
Sleepless Nymph embracing me
With its clammy hands
Like a vernal feelings
But still I'm down in the dumps autumn
Winds fallen from memory meaning of
Divinity, trivial silence of my shapeless
Soul glides through the lustful blue paths
Transfix the deepest earth and the reign of deception
Dismal crying Oddity in the darkest sky
And ode to winds
"as the king of the winds..."
A silent weeper touches your soul
Behind the sadness
You seem to hear the silence
Of deadly moan...

5. Mourning (Part 1)


6. The Solitude Echoes

Lonely glances from the window of the ethereal silence...
You' re alone again,
In the dark side of nocturnal imaginary
But it's cold and wrath
Feelings so down and the nothingness...

7. Mourning (Part 2)


8. Woe To Nymph

"If you leave me in the dark cyclone
A deadly stillness
Silently I will send my tears
Through the sidereal gardens... "
Do you belong me
My soul's crawling
Forgotten hopes are now fading...
Dark dispersed mist, forgotten griefs
Only I wish for
Dreaming in the furthest feelings...
But I despaired of ever seeing your sad
Eyes again, no one hears
Crying out from the infinity...
And still undying melancholy
Spiritual sadness
Where the heart of darkness's broken
But still I'm lonely
Don't leave me be
In my deepest part, darkness falls down in my tortured heart...
I've been waiting for ages, but still I can't wake from my dream
"Once in the dark to be remembered..."

9. Unknown Foliages, Faraway

Eternizing the rhymed suffering
Facing the sundown, my pride
It no longer dreams here...
In the lifeless sun
The arcane-unknown foliages

Inside the blue heart is hidden
Somewhere in the depths
Someone's still dead...

10. Lurid (2nd Path)


11. Tepid Romance In The Lunar Charm


12. Down & The Fallen

"I'm the fallen with my silent drama
And my dreaded memories"

Tears dribbles from the eaves my heart
When the truth disown my remembrance
I'm tired of being hurted and it's hideaway

Sometimes I have a drastic fear
And the lustful reflection of obscured shadows
Then I remember there is no time to live
At the dead of winter night...

I wonder If I will die before tomorrow
Life is too long to feel
The loneliness and the pain...

13. In The Forest Of Melancholy

Wuthering wood when a dawn dream
Withal suffering in the haunted melancholy
The silent forest and its griefs
Songs of the gloomy winds, and the lullaby
Cruelty scribbles my face, dead emotions
I'm looking for me in the place
Where the moon illuminates
The ownerless clouds...
...And where the sky's scarlet
But I'm not there in the forest of melancholy...

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