Born Bleeding

1. Intro


2. Shine

Touch cold skin
Deep in you
Shine again
For me
Be mine

Taken from me
Love I never knew
Longing to be warm
Alone I wait to die

Calling I hear you cry
Dreaming night after night
Breathless in my arms
Impaled on your fucking cross

Take away my pain
So tired of life without light

Thinking that I held you
Knowing I never would
Her broken body
The sweetness of her skin
I've cried a thousand times
For that which is sick

3. On Darker Shores

Laying with me in silent sleep
Laying still forever
My heart has lost its will
My soul its desire
Growing in my sickness
A growing need

Lay with me in silent sleep
Laying still forever
Tasting the stench
From your thigh
Cleansing myself
Inside you

Broken me
I tried to run away
Take my passion

Oh how I loved you
Adorning you with pearls
And my decaying kisses
You were my prize
A beauty a vile whore

Falling through
Falling through

4. Something More

Dying for me
Nails driven through you
The dirt from you makes me sick
I know the pain
It bears down
On my back

Holding a loveless shell
Love me
I wish I could believe

Crying for her
Pleading for life
These things I know
From now I'll be alone

Sleeping by your body
Needing to feel you breathe
Will I die with your name
On my lips
I long to see
And can see no more
Those I hate loved
And can love no more

Caressing her broken back
As you looked on
Then walked away
How can you say I'm not alone
It's every day of my life

5. Lifeless

Ripping into my own flesh
I'm glad to die
Choking on a tide of blood
I take my own life

Tears stain guilt I feel
A twisted life I led
Falling into the ground
I leave myself for dead

Burning withering on me
I believe what I believe
Away from me light slowly fades
Wake me before I sleep
Tears shine and fall where I will lie

Wake me
Before I die

Screaming as you left me to die
Endless a lifeless body again
Nothing more remains
Save me from being the same

6. Born Bleeding

Born bleeding
I am for the last time
As I lay here dying
On my bed of thorns
For all but everything
I would have lost my life for you
If you were to take it away
A release from this pain

Mother make me pain
More than I could ever know
Feeling for something
You took my life

And the thorns they tore into me
Searing into my skin

You swore again and again
Please leave me alone
And the thorns they tore into me
Searing into my eyes

I won't pray to you
But I don't want to die
Godless and bound

I hope that you feel
The pain that I felt
I hope you never see
Things that I left

7. Earthen

Searing below me
My only child
The only one
Will no one help
Your might all but spent
Flowers of the field
Grey and somehow older
A freshness subdued

I'll always wonder
If I could have changed
And maybe take back
My one true friend

For pity's sake
Don't hurt my earthen child
My only child
Greying cities and concrete skin
Torn between life
Cover the earth with needless filth
I gave to you without question
You took more without asking

Colours fading in the sun
I gave to you with all I know
I was not there

I'll always know
I could have helped
I could have saved
My one true friends

For pity's sake
Don't hurt my earthen child
My only child
Greying cities
And concrete skin
Sallow faces

And empty hearts

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