The Taste of Sin

1. Trail of Tears

once vulnerable now might
the nightmare of your sleep
i wait for your darkest hour
and melt into your tears
deep in your subconscious mind
i grow from your silent cries
the mournful pleas you cannot hide
i shall son make you mine

i was born from the trail of tears
dead was i and rose rose from your fears
drink on your grief and enter your mind
not only in death but during your life

the deeper you go the stronger
i shall be
crawling to your lowest ebb
the darkness you will see
awakened from my tears
now to enter yours
you must surely die
and from my tears you will rise

submit to take your life
unconscious soon to die
tears roll down my face
and from the trails you will rise

2. Winter

can you feel the wrath of the storm
a power too mighty to conquer
as the wind rips through my flesh
on my knees as i pray for an answer
lord i am but human
weakened i tremble with fear
i need to know for myself
is this to be my last winter


to die in your arms
ice sculpture in flesh
i look towards the sky
but the sun cannot save me
life has all but gone
and i breathe my last breath


as the cold tears through my flesh
i want to be alive again
wrapped in your warm coiled arms
life from the ice cold whore
lord as i pray for an answer
i shall never fail you again
make me strong for this moment
as i prepare myself for the end

3. Serpents Kiss

i cannot see
and i cannot feel
but i want to taste you
in my dreams

in my thoughts
in my sleep
the kiss of the serpent

in my thoughts
in my sleep
the kiss of the serpent
is real skin so real
as she weaves through my dreams

cold staring eyes
cold blooded kiss

we scream in our dreams
of serpents on the black sand
as she crawls through my skin
and i swallow her tongue

4. It Is the Gods

it is the gods that weep over me
do you believe or are you led to believe?
your excuse on a cross
a disgrace to your faith - a crooked cross
your lies are not for me
but i'll let your believe in what you want to believe

it is not wrong to have a true faith
but are you so blind that you can't see pat your face
and i know what i know
i'll choose for myself the path i shall go
and you pray for me
but i'll let you believe in what you want to believe

5. In My Remains

waiting and i needed your to be again in me
waiting and i wanted you to see remains of me
held to myself her remains they will stay
in me kept to me in my remains

waiting and i needed you to be again in me
countless times i've taken you to me to me
in your mouth i have been and tasted myself
buried in my heart i know of no other love

let me go lust
quench my lust
is my will strong

god help me to sleep
all i feel overcomes me
rage overcomes me

take me to a better place
help me to sleep make me change cure me
clean my mind and burn me

burn me
clean me

6. Another God

falling at my feet you deceiver
seasons of winter abound since this man
you are the same, wash the dirt from my feet
man is a man and none above me

show me if pity can ease the pain
of understanding what you have done
people lie dying
waiting for a prayer

save me from bleeding
bring me your god
i will not perish
for i am a god

give me a cross
give me hope
give me a life
the let me die
in my skin
i was just another god

7. The Taste of Sin

face to face
laden with her dew
i want you to know me
the scent of filth is
soaking wet

the wisdom is of angels
draped in savage wounds
left raw to my touch
no other touch to make me come

kiss me like children
lay down entwine my limbs
inside smear yourself
and taste my sin

i will be your god
soothe my bleeding wounds
thirst on my crimson cuts
feel the warmth of my poison

8. The Life of All Flesh

she knows me
she cares not
when i scream
she will bleed

i cannot remember what i have done
but my nails are torn and my lips are cold
what has been done cannot be wrong
but a sense of guilt runs through me
is this the way my life is to be?
the life of all flesh is the blood
what little faith that i once knew
has turned to dust and my love has died with you

broken skin beneath her nails
a violent struggle to the end
as the blood drips from my chin
and coats the nape of her neck

the nakedness of her pain
excites the grief of my heart
what is this pleasure i feel
what kind of man am i now

white and lifeless she remains
the twisted smile she could not hide
heartless to the bitter end
mocking me once more in death

9. The Suffering

feeling the way i do
i cannot explain
my heart no longer yearns
no passion will ever burn
the emptiness inside
a face i try to hide
destined to never sleep
i cannot escape

the way that i feel
can never ever change
i've tried so many times
but all i feel is pain
the suffering must cease
as i struggle against my fears

10. Plead Forgiveness

you have torn me in two
my life in not my own
my soul is open to view
i can't take this anymore

you were never there for me
i was always there for you
the bitter taste of tears
and i'm tired of trying

as i watch you fade away
the breath i cannot find
you made me what i am
you made me do this

please do not hold it against me
i know not what i have done
forgiveness i cannot give you
my life already undone

my heart has bled many times now
you cannot know what you've done
i'll always be there beside you
but love is never enough

11. Winter (Mentalist remix)

As my mind weeps
drained from thoughts
as my body drapes
after torture
my inner being torn in two
I must choose to partake
not fade away

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